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Friday, 27 December 2013

Day Trippers

Christmas dinner ...   (Photo by Jenny Jakobeit)

On Christmas Day, the appearance of a giant rainbow (bow of rain) topping off a fantastic day with family.

 Port Chalmers

After three, or was it four? days of persistent, misty rain and drizzle, it was good to see the sun again today. Perfect for a drive out to Port,

 2nd-hand shop... 

Cruise ship towering above the museum ... 

One of the shop-keepers said that unusually, 90 percent of the passengers this time were New Zealanders.

Chick's Hotel; bastion of the alternative in entertainment - headquarters of Dunedin's sub-culture ...

Time for a coffee; not much choice of things to eat (late afternoon realities)

The following three photos were all taken by Jenny Jakobeit ...


Katherine Dolan said...

Amazing photos! Port looks like a little boutique town now.


all great photos, but the last photo is a stunner!

kj said...

That smile on your face would provide enough light for New York City . You look content of course, and also beautiful

Happy family is everything

Kay, why don't you come to the USA and meet me for lunch ? :-)

Happy new year, my friend

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Steve - Jenny takes beautiful photos!

KJ - Aw, thank you! I would love to do the trip for a coffee - if ever I ever do make it over, it will be a priority! Happy New Year to you & to yours too, my friend.


'how this all harbours light'