Saturday, 2 November 2013

Work of Art

Wakatipu Basin Presbyterian Church Fair

I kept thinking, what a fantastic church- fair backdrop.

We bought ten books for three dollars and three jars of home-made jam.

oh yeah baby; pimp my ride!

From the fair we made our way to Arrowtown where there was a trolley derby in progress.

 Lunch by the river (Arrow) at a French restaurant  ('Bonjour') with French-speaking staff, excellent. friendly service and authentic French fare..

The mountains are never far away.

A long way from London, but looking good.

Part of the charm of Arrowtown lies in the preserved pioneer shop-fronts.


Back home to Queenstown and the garden ...

Mum and Dad's garden is built around rock and is a typical Central Otago garden. (Central Otago's climate is reminiscent of the Mediterranean).

pansies with their marvellous mustachioed expressions

thyme growing on a rock wall

Yesterday, on the way through to Queenstown from Dunedin, the hillsides from Alexandra onwards, were purple with flowering thyme.

Hi Walter!

Walter Peak peeking through. 
Walter is only one of the many mountain guardians overlooking Mum and Dad Cooke's garden.

little stars

kiwi cabbage tree (kouka) at the entrance  to the garden

dragonfly garden ornament

For over twenty-seven years now, Robert's parents have been turning their rocky outcrop into a beautiful garden that is a work of art.

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