Thursday, 20 June 2013

Despite the Forecast

On Saturday we fly to Munich (where at present temperatures are in the high twenties, whereas here we are into single-figure temps.) From there, we travel with our son and his girlfriend on the train to Paris.

These nights sleep eludes as in my mind I both pack and unpack my suitcase and go over things to do before we leave.

Last night my daughter and her family were here for a celebratory meal.
As my birthday is in just under a week's time and my grandson's birthday in four weeks (while we are on the other side of the world) we were getting in early with the celebrations and the cake.

My daughter gave me a beautiful antique brooch for my 'early' birthday. 

As I write this the rain lashes on to our (thankfully new) forest-green tin roof. Snow is forecast - a 'winter blast', a 'polar bomb' (just a couple of examples of the hyperbole TV copy- writers give us as they vie to come up with the most sensational and dramatic description). All I want is for it to be gone by Saturday so that we can get out to the airport.

photo of unexpected snow taken from my sister and brother-in-law's Wellington patio, two winters ago

I can just hear my late farmer-father sucking the air in through his teeth, sniffing the breeze and saying something droll, like: "Looks like we're in for some bad weather, but nothing we can't handle".

muddy tractor-tracks, Beaumont, New Zealand

There used to be a much more low-key and reserved approach to things, with none of today's hype and 'palaver' (another word my father would've used).

Too much satellite information engenders reports that are a mite over-wrought and over-thought. 'Snow' on its own is not news; but 'polar blast' is. And yes, I know that planet-warming is messing with our weather, but does it also have to mess with the TV weather scripts?

My second poetry book is called, 'Made For Weather'. I will keep this in mind tomorrow as I venture out, warmly wrapped.

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Anonymous said...

are you off on your trip yet...I hope so and that all went smoothly!! I still forget that when it's "hot as hades" here in Florida it's winter in other parts of the world! be safe and have the brooch!

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