Tuesday, 23 April 2013

R.I.P. Grommet

Our cat Grommet (Grommy) is not well. We don't think we'll have him for much longer. He's a cat in a million; no I really mean that. Even people who don't like cats, somehow always like Grommy. He's a real character, people say. He loves people and people love him. He's one of those cats that 'talk'. You can have a real back and forth conversation (cat-chat) with him. Anything going on - he's right there in the thick of it. Cutting a hedge, felling a tree (Robert will never forget how once when he was in the middle of cutting down a tree, Grommet was busy climbing it), collecting the mail, cooking tea, going out in the car ... Grommy will be there too, if he's allowed. However, as I said, he's not well. He's on his way out. 16 years old in human years; 112 years in cat years - not a bad run. We'll miss the way he followed us round, the way he flopped down any old where; on your feet if he could. We'll miss his way of engaging with people. We are getting our roof fixed next week. If Grommy was well he'd really be interested. But not being well, I doubt he'll care now. I doubt he'll even be still here, under the roof with us. He's had a good life. Thank you Grommet. You will not be forgotten.

P.S. I wrote the above yesterday - today we had our favourite cat  in the world put down. He has been buried under the plum tree, down the bank of our property, next to Mike & Kate's dog Jedi. It was raining. R.I.P. dear old Grommy. There will never be another cat like you.


Anonymous said...

RIP to your beloved Grommy...who now will live in your family folklore.

Katherine Dolan said...

Sorry to hear that Kay. He had a wonderful home and a long life for one of his kind. Hope Aggie doesn't miss him too much.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

What a wonderful life he has had with you Kay. Loved, long and happy. I am sure he is grateful to you, and would hate to think his leaving would hurt you and those he loved. But we know it does hurt and I find myself crying because it reminds me of all the hurt for the ones I have lost too. So we are here in spirit and shared grief with you today

J.T. Webster said...

:( Sending hugs to you.

Anne S said...

I know how it feels to lose a beloved cat, so my heartfelt condolences go out to you.

Vale Grommet - he looked to be a striking cat.

Kay Cooke said...

Theanne - Thanks. He certainly will live on in our family's memories. :)

Katherine - Thanks. She is a little confused ... we think now she might 'come into her own' now as she tended to exist in her big brother's big shadow.

Fi - Thank you so much - a lovely note of condolence. Much appreciated.

Sue - Thanks :)

Anne - Thanks so much. It's never nice & they leave such a gap. He was a striking-looking cat - long and tall and handsome.

kj said...

Dear Kay, I am sorry for your great loss.

I believe you will meet again. Grommy will wait for you. I'll never forget a study I heard on public radio where people whose heart had stopped for a longer time reported traveling down that long tunnel of light. But in this case they made it further, so they could see the end of the tunnel. And they consistently said their happy animals were there, waiting for them

Kay Cooke said...

Karen - Thanks so much that is a great comfort - I believe you are right.

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