Saturday, 6 April 2013

Often Passed By

Today on my wanders my eye seemed drawn to lines and blues and whites ...

Industrial area, harbourside.

Wharf sheds.

Lines & signs.

Somehow, when the name blazoned, 'Sew Hoys', it was a Dunedin landmark; not so much,  the bland, 'Save Mart'.

Tag writing on the sky ... (actually, on sky-reflecting glass).

An aside: where has all the Dunedin street art gone? Our son is pretty sure a lot of them have moved to Wellington. Then a conversation ensued about the grey squares councils use (the world over) to block out street art.

This would make a great blog title. Just in case anyone else has the same idea - too late, I've baggsed it!

Pigeon pair.

Somehow the guy in the shorts & gumboots just makes this New Zealand & nowhere else.

Those of you who know Dunedin may know from this snap, where I stopped off for a coffee ...

... view from the Customhouse restaurant.

On the way home, looking through to the far-side suburb of Opoho.

Fish factory sign.

Leading lines.


Unknown said...

Great storytelling through photography. The fish factory sign is classic.

Anonymous said...

today you wrote your poetry in photos...can't wait to see what the "mermaid in denim" brings :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely gallery of lines and color.

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