Sunday, 14 April 2013



Rosemary. "Who's Rosemary?"  (A family joke).

Concrete duck and dandelions.

A mother's day gift (or maybe birthday  ... can't remember now) but I do remember and appreciate that the giver carried it all the way home from town, which was no mean feat; that's one heavy concrete duck.

Piece from my small museum.

From my childhood home, a coal-range lid; love the forged poker-pockets for lifting the plate to add coal.
Family lore has it that one day my aunty had a pot of stew cooking on the coal range and by mistake, lifted the stew-pot lid instead of the coal-range lid and added a shovelful of coal to the stew.

Museum piece no. 2.

Museum piece no. 3.

Door handles from my childhood home.

Even now my hands 
remember the feel
of how the door-handle turned
and gave.


Anonymous said...

grand photos and memories...loved the story of your aunt and the stew!!!

kj said...

Ah Kay. Your heart is both observant and wide. I feel as though you've allowed me into the room of your sacred memories

Which you have...


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