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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Just Waiting

Someone in our fair city had the genius idea of a bird roost (man-made) in the Anderson's Bay inlet.

The birds have taken to it fine. Today they were using up the parking space as they waited for the tide to go out, preening and drying their feathers or just plain old resting ...

By my reckoning, the tide had just peaked and was about to begin its slide back out, leaving delicious, oozy mud for these guys to sort through, sift and scoop to their hearts' content.


Anonymous said...

I found you...I've been away, pretty much, from my blog for a few months (sick, depressed, sick of being depressed). So I've been updating my blog...when I didn't find your blog in my blog list...I googled you and here I am...yay it is you!!! I'm looking forward to "Born to a Red Headed Woman" being published and excited you're writing a novel.

A said...

Love the birds Kay and love love love your the new header!


'how this all harbours light'