Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ngaio Trees in a Plastic Park

Albion Cricket Ground , Musselburgh, Dunedin

Why do doctors call it 'bloods' - we only have one blood don't we? Many veins and arteries, sure, but just the one river of blood coursing through them? Am I right or am I right? (as Michael Gambon in 'The Singing Detective' would say).

Anyway, my doctor suggested I 'get my bloods done' the other day, so today I toddled off to do that.

On the way back home I took a couple of snaps. This is the Methodist Church on Queens Drive, St Kilda.

What an eysore!

Muselburgh's water treatment station - where they used to take Dunedin's temperature for the day, a particularly breezy spot so needless to say it was generally not indicative of the true temperature.

I remember in the early-90's, my sons playing here while I sat reading under the ngaio trees, set off as they were then by a smooth and nicely-kept space of green. The trees were a real feature.  Now they are knee-deep in black plastic;  swamped by peculiar black plastic-wrapped packages piled into a ugly heaps. Come on guys! Not cool.

 I hope 'they' - whoever 'they' are - do whatever 'they' are going to do with the black plastic soon,  so that the ngaio trees can once more feature as they deserve to.


Avus said...

Spoiled my memories of NZ, Kay!
Your lovely country deserves to be better cared for.

Kay Cooke said...

You're right Avus - hope someone is taking note.

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