Saturday, 5 January 2013

Star Turn

While in Queenstown, the Remarkables mountain range is an imposing presence outside the windows of Roberts' parents' place.The lake is also visible, but the mountains are really the star attractions.

The day after Robert's birthday, a rainbow appeared just as dinner was being served. The meals in Queenstown are to die for. Always top notch and cordon bleu. Robert's father is an excellent cook.

The rainbow was welcomed but didn't stop the flow of dinner (except for me - I just had to forget about loading my plate for a minute,  and run for the camera).

Then on the day we left for home, we woke to snow-dusted mountain tops. The Remarkables were bidding us good-bye with a show of snow.

Don't forget - this is in the middle of our summer!

Cecil Peak and Walter Peak were not to be outdone. Look how proud they are of their new summer coats.

We bid Queenstown good-bye and headed for home. 'Til next time, Queenstown.


kj said...

wow wow wow kay. your photos are as painterly as your poems. the rainbow must be connected with robert's birthday, don't you think so?

which, i imagine, says he is going to have a very auspicious year.

happy new year, my friend. i hope all is well


Avus said...

Thank you for that, Kay.
I long to return to your beautiful country - all it needs is a good win on my Premium Bonds!

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