Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snake Skin

New year, new blog title.

 I like new starts, that refreshing feeling of sloughing off the old, adorning myself with the new.

I was born in the Year of the Snake. The idea of a snake  ridding itself of its old skin to reveal a glistening new one, appeals.

And as this year is the 'Year of the Snake' in the Chinese calendar, its even more fitting (so to speak).

I haven't really made any new year resolutions. There are dreams and wishes I'd like realised - the publication of my 3rd poetry book, 'Born To A Red-headed Woman' beings one.

I'd like to continue hanging out with family and friends, keep with the little bit of gardening I'm doing, create some knitting, go for walks, collect beach-glass, keep taking photos, keep blogging ...

 My main aim as far as writing goes would be to make significant progress on building my novel, 'Blue Creek' (working tiltle only).

... dipping my toes in a fountain somewhere in France  (aged 25)

 The main focus for this year will be the planning and execution of a trip to France & Germany and the celebration of my 60th birthday with my husband,  family and friends in Paris in June. Excited!

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Anne Camille said...

The new title, or rather the genesis of it, made me laugh. The 11th letter! Wonderful.

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