Saturday, 5 January 2013


... gate that looks like it could do with a fence to prop it up (Clyde, Central Otago, December, 2012)

... hollyhocks seem to suit Clyde's grey stone ... (Clyde, December, 2012)

... as do yellow roses, Roxburgh ... (December, 2012)

... disused wooden water-tank for steam train ... (back road, Millers Flat - Roxburgh, December, 2012)

... old seeder ... (Roxburgh Museum, December, 2012)

... wooden wagon ... (Roxburgh Museum, December, 2012)


... taken on a walk from Whitechapel to newly-opened  Edgar Bridge ... (29th December, 2012)

... Edgar Bridge ... (December 29th, 2012)


... birthday baklava ... made for Robert by his brother. Very yummy it was too.


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Avus said...

Ah...I rode with my grandfather on wooden wagons like that museum offering. What would the old boy (who died age 55, but was old to me - now 74)have thought of this: me writing on a TV screen to comment on photographs you have taken in Southern New Zealand?

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