Monday, 24 December 2012

On the Eve

Christmas Eve we will go to church, for after all that is what it is all about.  Though it was more likely that the end of September is when Jesus was born. 

Summer mornings are made for waking up early.  One morning I sat out in the stillness of a half-woken world and watched the sun come up.

My granddaughter helping me to make waffles. These are the most important times.  I value each one.

Christmas Eve - getting ready to go off in our son's van - for Christmas this year, he's with his girlfriend Jenny in her homeland, Germany. Last year he was on top of a mountain - with his girlfriend Jenny - in South America. Next year we trust they will be here with us.  Meanwhile, we're babysitting his van and thought we'd take advantage of that fact and use it for the camping leg of our Christmas break.

I'm looking forward to family fun, good food and wine, meaningful moments and relaxing reads over the Christmas- New Year break.

Merry Christmas to you and yours for 2013.


J.T. Webster said...

Merry Christmas Kay.
Enjoy your holiday, I hope the weather is kind to you!
We must get together in the new year.

Kay Cooke said...

You too Sue! And yes definitely we must. :)

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