Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cool Start

Christmas decorations; Queenstown, New Zealand.

A weekend in Queenstown and a new page on the calendar. Bring it on Summer! (Alas, Summer doesn't seem to be lisening).

Queenstown, like everywhere else, is decked out in its Christmas decorations; the red, green and gold standing out against the grey, schist-rock buildings Queenstown is known for.

Robert doing a Ministry of Funny Walks impersonation; Queenstown  Mall

... high winds; David Eggleton's poem-on-the -wall making a big splash  

... teal (or scaup) ducks at the jetty;  Lake Wakatipu

... a type of mandarin duck ... ? (Later: Two people have informed since I posted this, that the bird is a crested grebe.)

old wagon ... I wonder if this is the same one (it was painted red and blue back then) that our sons used to clamber up on to when we were here for Queenstown holidays? They wouldn't be allowed to do that now that it is a formal display.

... the large Wellingtonia on the Poat Office corner used to be Queenstown's Christmas Tree - decked out in lights it was an amzing sight to see.

We are back home again now and still waiting for summer to arrive.


Avus said...

Thanks for those Queenstown memories, Kay. I guess the "Earnslaw" still plies its trade across Wakatipu?

Dona Bogart said...

What a lovely journey you took me on. I love Queensland, especially the tree. I have always wanted to see the giant Sequoia trees in Northern California...those must be cousins.
Thank you for sharing.

A said...

Great great great photos Kay.

Kay Cooke said...

Avus - Indeed she is, yes, the lady of the lake was 100 years old October this year and stil going strong. :)

Dona - I think you are right ... they are huge trees.

Agnes - Thank you :)

Penelope said...

Thanks for sharing your travels with us stay-at-homes. That's a crested grebe you've photographed. We were amazed to see one on a lake near Tekapo carrying its young in a row on its back.

Kay Cooke said...

Pen - Thanks for that. My brother in law also informed me that it was a crested grebe. He tells me they have a wonderful courting dance. The one you saw carrying its young on its back must have been very special.

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