Friday, 16 November 2012

'Only Connect' (E.M. Forster)

One of my favourite quotes is 'Only Connect' which is the epigraph E.M. Forster wrote for his novel, 'Howards End'.

A couple of posts back I posted my granddaughter and the playground cat.

This week in our local, community newspaper, The Star, there was an article featuring the artist of the mural I photographed with V.

The artist is Felipa Fairy - Children's Entertainer. The photo shows her holding the cat people call Dinosaur Park Cat - a cat that lives in the neighbourhood and regularly visits the playground..

Now, you are thinking, why on earth is Kay posting a picture of a hedge?! (It's not even my picture).

It's Marcus Lush 's photo. He's on Twitter and posts quirky photos of things he sees around Dunedin.

It's fun trying to guess where the photo is from - or at times, even what the photo is of.

Yesterday he posted the photo above and I instantly recognised it as a favourite hedge of mine. Eight years ago, I was nanny for a family and this remarkable hedge formed the boundary between them and their neighbour. The neighbour looked after and manicured the hedge a treat.

The family moved to another part of the country, but still keep in touch.

That amazingly well-manicured hedge ('Yellowhammers surf the lone wave of a shorn hedge' ) was certainly a feature of my memories of the two happy years I spent working with this family.

When they left, they gave me a framed photo of the poem I wrote about their neighbourhood.. It's a treasured keepsake.

Seeing the article about the mural artist and the playground cat and the familiar local-landmark hedge in a random Tweet, is for me just another example of the amazing interconnectedness of life.


A said...

I love this cat :-) And for a moment I thought he lived in the hedge -- yes, the hedge looks like a "building", doesn't it? It even has a mailbox :-)

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks for your visit, Agnes. :) you're right it does look like a house!

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