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Friday, 15 April 2011

Purple Rose

in the rain

Walking home in the rain
I thought of the purple roses
I saw this summer.
I thought of the purple roses

full in the sun,
how cold they looked.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


susan t. landry said...

this is a sharp, beautifully controlled poem, as immediately felt as a pebble in one's shoe.
(btw, i have been meaning to tell you how impressed i am with your son's artwork. terrific; strong--i see where he gets that artistic strength...)

Anonymous said...

I'd never thought of purple roses as looking cold in the sun...perhaps you're right! Not enough red to be a warm color! Enjoyed your poem and photos!

Agnes said...

You're right, they are "cold". But so incredibly beautiful.

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Susan - Thanks so much. We are very proud of our son's work ... he's off overseas in a few week's time, with his wife, and I fully expect their travelling, exploring experiences will impact on his work in wonderful ways. (And on our daughter-in-law's work too, as a photographer. Which reminds me, I must show some of her work too!)

Theanne - Yes they look cold, but unique - I adore purple roses.

Agnes - I see you are a fan of the purple rose too. Yes, very beautiful flowers.

jtwebster books said...

What stunning photos! And another great poem too. You'll have enough poems for another book by the end of the month!


'how this all harbours light'