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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Backwater; 'Trapped on a leaf in a vine' (from lyrics to 'Backwater' by Brian Eno).

Life, as it is prone to do, has caught me up in its wave lately. It's taken me some time to make it to shore. Today I spent on the sand, just out of the breakers reach, taking deep breaths, getting my bearings and re-acquainting myself with life moving at what I consider to be a normal and attainable pace.
I haven't exactly landed on a desert island (which would be my preference) but these few days I have given myself to catch up with stuff and to get back to writing, could at least be described as the kind of un-regarded backwater I seek; ideal to hide myself away in, and write.


Spring has arrived and as always, I'm conflicted. Mostly I'm ready for the change to warmer temperatures and longer days, yet a persistent, perverse snippet of me wants to hold on to the way winter allows for hibernation. Sweet hibernation.



susan t. landry said...

a good respite, kay. i share your feelings about winter, which is a change from when i was younger. now i treasure those days when body and soul look inward. breath-taking pix of the beach, and the one below, of the harbour.

Tim Jones said...

I would swap your backwater for my backlog any day - or, actually, I wouldn't, because I wouldn't wish my backlog on anyone.

But when I have dealt with it, I have intriguing stories to read and novel revisions to complete that I'm actually beginning to wish I was working on. And the first day of spring here in Wellington was lovely.

What a beautiful daffodil!

Tim Jones said...

... er, poppy ...

jtwebster books said...

Beautiful pictures!

Yes, hibernation. I've always been a fan of winter days, stuck inside with nothing to do but read. My idea of bliss!

Anonymous said...

ah hibernation...that I can relate to :-)

Penelope said...

Glad you made it to shore, Kay. Don't stand up too fast. Gorgeous photo of ... St Claire from St K?

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Susan - Thanks. Yes I love to hibernate - a little too much perhaps.

Tim - You sound like you're in a good spce despite the backlog ... maybe it's the Spring effect. (I had a laugh about the daff er ... poppy ... dare I say typical male?)

JWebster = You and I agree then!

Anon - Maybe there are more of us hibernatorphiles than we realise!

Pen - Yes, St Clair from St Kilda - and I will try and rememeber to return to an upright position, slowly.

richardg said...

Glad you made it back to shore,wondered where you had got to.


'how this all harbours light'