Monday, 10 May 2010

Tuesday Poem

Expediency is the name of the game for me at the moment, what with working full days 'n all. SO I am posting Tuesday Poem early (it's Monday night) PLUS making it one of the poems I intend to read at this Wednesday's poetry readings currently running fortnightly at Circadian Rhythm, Dunedin. (This Wednesday's readings have the suggested theme of 'Games").

This poem is the last poem in my poetry book, 'Feeding the Dogs'.

the game

If I was a dog I'd be easily trained
to walk on my two hind legs
and fetch things that way

- like the one I saw on America's
Funniest. If I was a car I'd be a Morris
Minor; an instrument,

a barometer - tap me twice
daily. If I was a country I'd be run
by a benevolent dictator.

If I was a tree I'd be a stunted pine
sideswiped by the Roaring Forties.
If I was a fruit I'd be a green apple;

a Granny Smith in June. A nut,
a pistachio, an insect,
Bart Simpson's butterfly: (No one

suspects the butterfly'.) If I was
a man I'd get along better
with extroverts. If I could be anything

I wanted to be, I'd be a dark-blue
biplane that appears
out of nowhere.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Don't forget to pay the Tuesday Poem site a visit for more poems on a Tuesday.


Claire Beynon said...

I love this poem, Kay - especially the dark blue bi-plane appearing out of nowhere.

I'd like to be one of those, too - and if a nut, a pistachio for sure!

Looking forward to Wednesday's workshop.

Such busy days you're having - take care out there

L, C

Mary McCallum said...

LOVE the dark-blue biplane. Chuckled at 'if I were a man'. Great stuff. Thanks Kay.

Tim Jones said...

I would be a Robin Reliant, a little three-wheeler car they used to make in England. And I love this poem too.

Becky Willis Motew said...

Well, that is just GREAT. I think I like this best of all your recent ones.

Nice one, Kay.


thecartoonmoon said...

Claire - Thanks hon. I am trying to look after myself - the money plonked into my bank account today helped relieve the pain somewhat!

Mary - Sadly, it's all true!

Tim - A Mr Bean car? (I remember seeing them when we were over there in the 70's). Thanks for your response to the question - what kind of car would you be?

becky - Thanks - it's a poem i thoroughly enjoyed writing! (BTW - What kind of car are you?) ;)

Kay Cooke said...

Sorry people those comments were written by me before signing my son out from his blog ... comments were from me, not Mike.

Unknown said...

I thought that was a great way to close your book -left the door open.

Like your chair picture from the previous one. I don't know how you do the work you do with lil 'uns - I did my share and don't think I could go back :)

A said...

Kay? I love this poem :-)

Kay Cooke said...

Barbara - Thanks. I dunno how I do it either - truly! I wouldn't if I didn't get paid to do it! But I am now doing relieving teaching (I think it's called supply teaching over your way ...)so I can always say No, not available if I so desire. Just happened to have accepted a three-week block of work - won't do that again.
That chair is a driftwood chair at the house our son lived in when he was working over on our South Island's wild West Coast. Great isn't it?

Kay Cooke said...

Agnes - Thanks so much ! I love your visits! xx

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