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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Too Tired ...

I am pretty much* 'brain-numbed', totally*, so no poem tonight; not even a stream-of-consciousness one like the one last night. Maybe I will double-up in the weekend, go full-out* and write like crazy*.
A week of working a 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. shift has like*pretty much* killed any desire in me to write. How did Wallace Stevens do it? (Didn't he like* work as an accountant every day of his writing life and like* write when he got home in the evenings?)
I've gotta* have this, like*, space in my head for writing, so a full-on job with pre-schoolers leaves no room man* for anything else. Far out man*. It, like* totally* freaks me out* and plunders any extra resources and energy so that by Thursday night, I'm like* robbed of any inclination to write. This is so wrong on so many levels.*
Roll on the weekend and a chilled-out* week next week. So far I have NO work lined-up for next week. Awesome man!*
* (You may have noticed some younger generation 'isms' have snuck their way into this post, speckling my normal, more stilted, older-generation writing style. Comes from working with them and living with them!)


Catherine said...

Yes, but Wallace Stevens was a man and probably didn't have to cook and clean when he went home from work (or help his daughter move from her flat back home, or any of those other things that get in the way of my writing this month).
A lot of mine have been written on coffee breaks but I suspect your particular work environment doesn't allow for that, and also that working with children is more demanding than working with numbers!

penelope said...

I'd prescribe like a weekend in a hammock with like a bowl of snacks on hand and pretty much doing nothing. You've worked hard! Kick back.

Camille said...

Like totally, I had *no idea* those particular youthemisms were international! I thought just californians misspoke like that.

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Catherine - Yes I'd quite like a poem-space thru the working day ... possibly the lunch-half-hour (away from staffroom) wld be enuff to write a haiku? But once you have to use the time to heat something up in microwave, make a cup of tea ... the time whittles away ...

Pen - Ha! I totally hear what you're saying man. Serious.

Camille - I'm afraid it is international!

Agnes said...

Your post was, like, totally awesome man.
Have a great weekend, Kay.

harvestbird said...

Stevens I think was an insurance company director -- a rather different job from the "shop floor" environment of most working people! I can imagine that his daily tasks would give him a lot of time and headspace to do the thinking and dreaming that conjures up language for poems. Childcare, not so much :)

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Agnes - Ha! :)

Harvestbird - I needed that info! Thanks.


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