Sunday, 14 March 2010

Still Point

still point

An old, grey compass rose
dug into the rough top
of a weathered, fence post,
does not have to move
to point the way
the way back.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

I am reading poetry at Madras Cafe Books in the city of Christchurch on the night of Wednesday 17th March (St Patrick's Day). Mary-Jane Grandinetti and David Gregory will also be reading. We are there as guests of the Canterbury Poets' Collective, to take our part in the first week of their annual 'Autumn Season' of poetry readings. I am honoured to have been asked.
Yet I have to confess to a feeling of trepidation. I always feel strangely removed from myself at times like this anyway, viewing the events as they unfold as if from outer space, looking down on myself going through the motions.
But maybe the reluctance this time to dislodge myself from home to travel over 300 kilometers away, is exaggerated by the fact that I've settled into a satisfying rhythm of writing that I am loth to disrupt. For a good while now, I've been writing poetry about time and place; how we end up where we are (or more specifically, how I have ended up where I am). To be honest, it's been so akin to time travel that all I want to do after writing, is stay put and re-gather.
And yet ... real-time travel always brings its surprises and insights. I can only trust that what unfolds in the next few days of dislodgment, will be added to the presence of what I am writing now.


Pen said...

I like this poem.
All the best for your trip. Be a post; plant yourself and speak. Lucky Chch.

Mama Llama said...

Enjoy your trip, Kay. I hope you're feeling better now as well. You will have so much inspiration, I am certain.

Be well.

Leonie said...

I always love coming here. To read your amazing poetry and to discover what other wondrous things you are up to. I am certain the trip will be good in some way and look forward to more of your words when you return

safe travels :)

January said...

I like it, and I know the feeling.

Save travels.

Kay Cooke said...

Pen - Thanks; I did try!

Mama Llama - It was a funny trip ... but I wouldn't have missed it!

Leonie - Thanks SO much - am getting myself into the mood / mode to write about the trip now ... :)

January - I bet you do! :)

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