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Monday, 15 February 2010

In the Year of the Tiger, Outside the Bonny Bank of Clyde

Was it only last weekend that we went on our getaway? On the Sunday morning we went from this (the view from our cabin in Wanaka) to ...

... the town of Clyde which backs on to the Clutha dam. I could never live in this town - as darling and full of historic atmosphere as it is - I'd be too nervous about all that monstrous build-up of water at the back of me. The dam might develop a leak and then where would I be?Up to over-my-chin in wide, muddy waters ... Silly maybe, but it's for the same reason I could never live right on the beach-front; for fear of tsunami. (I'm fearful like that).

However, a coffee in the sun outside the old Bank of New Zealand, is just fine.

I spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering with camera in hand while Robert played golf. After a while it dawned on me that it was actually Valentine's Day (so that's why there was a heart swirled into the froth on the coffee - doh!) and here I was wandering about on my own while everyone else seemed to be paired up ... Oh well. The fact that Robert and I love each other is a given; no PDA necessary, even on Valentine's Day.

I loved this church gate.

And these church bells.

And this dairy is adorable. (Talk about nostalgia! Is that a shadow of my Nana walking to get the messages, cane basket under her arm, with her perfect hairset and wearing her Osti dress and black velvet slippers?)

Please don't knock down this old tin shed ...

I found a vintage museum! It was closed so I took photos through gaps in the wire netting. I think this is a John Deering ...

On the way home, we just had to stop and take a photo of this daggy country airport! with a tin can to put the 'landing fees' into.


This Thursday I am going to be part of a lunchtime poetry reading happening at the Dunedin's Chinese Gardens. Apart from the privilege of being a part of the event itself, to help celebrate the Chinese New Year, I am happy for the opportunity it gives me to write something new, as well as to get back into the 'world of poetry' which I've kinda missed. (In saying that, I have also enjoyed the chance the break has given me to re-group without the intensity of regular poetry readings and events).
I just had to write a poem about the fact that my 5th grandchild (a girl) is due that very day (by C-section so it's pretty much a sure thing she will be be born that day). As well as that, both her and my other granddaughter (plus their mother) have all been born in the 'Year of the Tiger'. What are the chances?



BarbaraS said...

A good year to be born in then. Looks like an interesting break away - can't believe you'd escaped all the Valentine build-up, pretty neat trick that :)

Good news on the poetry front too, Kay - great to hear you're still humming away.

BarbaraS said...
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Becky Willis Motew said...

You have FIVE GRANDCHILDREN, Kay? I can't believe that. Love the photos, feel like I'm there, I sound like a broken record. Keep 'em coming.

Avus said...

I, too, get that feeling of impending doom being beneath a dam - all that wall of water held in check above me!
Wanaka, I seem to remember has a really good transport museum, just out of town. Also that unusual "Odd House" with its leaning tower, visual effects and "Roman" loos!

Anonymous said...

I think you are right that the Clyde dam might one day spill its beans, hopefully after the locals are out of harm’s way. Perhaps nature’s revenge for what was there before, and never to be seen again.

Your post is a beautiful reminder that what remains must never be lost, tin sheds and black velvet slippers especially.

herhimnbryn said...

Thankyou for taking me on your tour. What a wonderful place to wander in with a camera.

Katipo said...

Beautiful Pics! Better than Graham Sydney.


'how this all harbours light'