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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sky's Last Act

The air at five p.m. is certainly fresh, but not bitter. No need for any extra adornment of hat, gloves or scarf. I head for the inlet where the tide is out, the mud and puddles touched-up with the mild pinks and apricots of a winter sunset. Headlights from the string of homeward-bound traffic, form smudgy reflections in the still water. A few black-backed gulls feed from the darkening water.

The air is smoky, the ponderous clouds bottom-heavy, then thinning out at the top to stream away into tender, fragile edges of creamy silver. The water of the inlet reflects this last, quiet, low-key act of today's sky.

A eucalyptus tree vies with the clouds and sky for room. For reflection. Other people also out walking, slip past like shadows. Some shadows say 'Hello', some remain voiceless. Some walk dogs. It is almost dark. I head home



McDinzie said...

oh wow...what glorious well captured

dinzie said...

greaT shots...;O)

Kay said...

Mcd and Dinzie - Thanks - praise indeed from two photographer-extraordinaireees like you guys AND I never forget to say 'Thanks to you for the camera' when I am out with it - it provides me with much joy. :)

apprentice said...

I was there with you -it is amazing the stillness you get on short winter days.

On my end of the solar seesaw we have watery sun, humidity and long damp light. Tomatoes are many and still green and the grapes are swelling nicely.

kj said...

dear friend, there is an award waiting for you on my blog. please come....

Katipo said...

beautiful colours and a very atmospheric entry -- I can imagine a quilt with those shades. You are getting some walking in, aren't you!!

Catherine said...

Lovely photos - it makes me yearn to walk by the sea again. It's dark when I get home in the week and the weekends seem to go by so quickly.

Anne S said...

Great atmospheric photos - really lovely! How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place.

By the way, did the earth move for you last night?

This is an old joke in Australia, when Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and his wife were in China during an earthquake and a cartoon appeared in the papers next day.

Anyway, there was a tsunami warning issued last night after the event. The warning and the tsunami were a fizzer.

Kay said...

Anna - Photos of those sweetly swelling summer toms? Please?

KJ - Am heading off there now!

Katipo - The walking is a must for me now - if I don't go for one through the day, I feel I have cheated my body in some way. (How sad!)
And yes, a quilt in those colours would look great!

Catherine - I feel so lucky to have bought myself some time to take those walks ... the pocket is suffering tho'.

Anne - I will post about the earthquake soon ... but yes, it was a rolling one that lasted for ages and we are all thankful that for such a HUGE earthquake there was no damage - the most they seemed to come up with was one bottle flying off a shelf! Somehow so NZ!!!! Thanks for the cartoon - very funny.

paris parfait said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS photos!


'how this all harbours light'