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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Winter is Great

Saturday's weather was horridible!

And it was good that it was horridible. I like horridible weather. Of course no-one believes me, but it's true. Winter has really always been my secret, favourite season.
Despite the bitter winds outside, our house was cosy-warm and so I sat and wrote. All day.
I wrote poetry. I would have liked to have written of the moment, but the past kept hauling me back to address some issues.
When R got back from his solitary perambulations of inside urban spaces; such as the Museum (he was a bit lost because golf had been put off for the day) I had to drag myself back from the 1960s so that he had some companionship.

Outside, behind our house, the tops of large pines and eucalyptus trees shimmied in the wind. Tucked in behind a hill, we're sheltered from the southerlies

and attracted by the shelter and various, berried shrubs and trees, birds spent the day leaping and springing from branch to branch. Mostly bellbirds, waxeyes and chaffinches.

I've set out a pie-dish with sugar water for them. So far they haven't discovered it, but once they do, I'm sure they'll make it known to all and sundry in birdworld that it's party time at our place.


Crafty Green Poet said...

the bird in the first two photos (waxeye?)is gorgeous and your chaffinches look identical to our goldfinches, how odd...

Catherine said...

I'm not a great fan of winter, since it is not practicable to heat the whole of our large house I always feel rather confined.
If I can huddle in one room with a blazing fire and a book I am happy - but next year, no more blazing fires allowed.

My name is Katipo aka Katherine Liddy said...

cute birdies!

Kay said...

CGP - It's a chaffinch all right - a male one has the colours.

Catherine - Heat pumps? We are lucky in that our house is compact and the wood burner heats it through.

Katherine - Aren't they though?!

BarbaraS said...

You know, I agree: I can get far more done in the quiet contemplative time of winter, than now when the kids and nature are all screaming at me to get up and get out into it all. But I shouldn't complain!

apprentice said...

Grr blogger ate my comment, and dinner is calling me downstairs. But I love the birds, the first one especially.

chocolate covered musings said...

great photos! i've never managed to photograph waxeyes successfully - they're too fast for me!

love your photos of home

Kay said...

Barbara - Yes winter is very much a time of quiet restoration and using up those summer-stored stocks; the chance to hunker down and write without distractions. However - you enjoy those distractions while you may!

Anna - Thanks. Yes I love the caught expression of that hungry little feeder.

Leonie - I am glad you like the taste of home. I put the camera on Sport (action) setting to get some of the moving shots (a hint I got from someone, I forget who now. But it works well for birds at times.)

Remiman said...

Aye, winter has it's plesing attributes; calm (when not blizzarding), reflective quietude. Pristine whiteness like the clean sheet of paper waiting to be graced with our creative pencil marks; or not.
Yet it is Autumn, with it's colors, and smells, that turn my creativity on.

pixletwin said...

Not Marc: Pepek here....glad you like winter, a cozy place to sit and write poetry and birdwatch. Been cool and rainy so far this June, but it will probably heat up to scorching next week. I was going to see the new Star Trek movie today, but now think I will curl up and have inspired me!

kj said...

hahaha kay, here i am relishing summer and you're relishing winter. good for both of us!

kay, when you have a chance, there is an award waiting for you at my place.

love love

Kay said...

pepek - glad to have been an inspiration.

kj - yes we should both enjoy whichever side of this glorious planet we are on :)

Mariposa said...

Oh Kay--that little guy in the first photo looked just oh so perturbed to be out in your 'horridible' weather!

I enjoy stormy weather myself. We've had some early summer storms here as of late. Not a fan of dismal gray as my mood can match that, but I derive a certain druid-like energy from thunderstorm electricity and wind power that is unequalled.

Enjoy your onset of winter!

Kay said...

mariposa - i truly will!

dinzie said...

I've got to stop doing this:O(....

But It's a Goldfinch !! Yellow dash on its wing and a red face ...A very English bird as is the chaffinch....

My dad would raise gold finches because you could cross them with Canaries !! Then you had a red faced canary that could still sing !! :O)

Then they became a protected species in the UK as they are killing everything off over there with sprays and stuff .....

But they seem plentiful here in NZ of my favourites :O)


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That sugar water was a very *sweet* thing for you to do!

You know, it always amazes me that we can be on the same planet and everything can be so different... it's night there when it's day here, it's winter there while it's summer here... we see completely different constellations at night...

but we are all together in one world, one big humanity family.

And I love that you share yours with us all of the time, it's so fascinating to see things so very different than what is familiar to my little space here.

Thank you so much!


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Camille said...

ah winter. we're entering summer right now, and the thing I miss the most about winter are the squashes-- pumpkins, butternut, and the excuse to cook hearty bean-based stews. Its great to know someone in the world is enjoying winter right now.


'how this all harbours light'