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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Polar Plunged

The time away was great. I haven't got time right now to describe in length, so will leave that until tomorrow.
I planned to get back in time for today's (the shortest day here in the Southern Hemisphere) plunge into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean here at St Clair, Dunedin.

My son Mike also took part and Kate took the photos, and a video. Here we are looking for her among the observers.

The plunge into the high tide waters was invigorating and fun. And just to make sure I was well and truly soaked, a particularly large and mischievious, white-whiskered wave tackled me by the ankles and I fell flat on my face. Fantastic!


leonie said...

that's a lovely big grin you have on your face there! i've never actually done it, though i have taken a dip in some fairly cold places in nz
great photos!


Claire Beynon said...

Bravo, Kay! It's been a great weekend of Solstice celebrations, hasn't it? Dunedin certainly knows how to pull out all the stops. It was quite something seeing how many folk got involved in making paper lanterns for last night's Octagon parade - the atmosphere out there was magical.

Hope your time away was happy and the stories flowed. L, C

Catherine said...

I saw both the parade and the Polar Plunge on TV - it looked like great fun.
Wish they would do something like that here, instead we have a winter Arts Festival with great events but prices to match :(

BarbaraS said...

Woah! But in the last photo you look very invigorated (and very pleased with yourself)!

We have a similar tradition on St Stephen's Day (26th December). People go for a swim - just for the craic!

by kd said...

Congratulations! John and I ran screaming from the Waitati surf after dipping our TOES in, so I can't imagine how cold St. Clair in June was.

pen said...

Wet, battered, ecstatic. How enticing you make it look! Maybe in 2010.

Kay said...

Leonie - I highly recommend it for the happy 'dolphins' (aka endorphins) alone. :)

Claire - I missed the PArade unfortunately being out of town ... but have seen it other years and it is superb.

Catherine - Nothing like free fun!

Barbara - Alas no craic for us! (A good idea tho'!)

kd - Ah but I happen to know that you two hardy souls have survived a Moscow winter and a winter on an unheated houseboat in Vancouver!

Pen - Hey yeah! I challenge you!

Camille said...

how fun!

herhimnbryn said...

Despite the 'dip', looks like you had a good time!

Avus said...

I feel frozen just looking at you!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

SOME people are plum crazy....


'how this all harbours light'