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Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Breath Away

Fallen berries from an over-reaching branch of our strawberry tree. Each year it creeps farther and farther out over our back lawn. A few of the trees around here are doing that. Growing. We have lived here twelve years now, in a house surrounded by trees which have largely been left to do their own thing. We are in serious need of some arbour rescue.

The autumn colours have peaked and are now receding as the leaves drop. The cracked-wax look of bare twigs against winter's taupe, is just a breath away.


Remiman said...

Do you think that it is the repetition of the seasons that prepares us to appreciate the cycle of our own lives mirrored there and to allow us to revel in our own seasons as they come?

Kay said...

rel - I am sure there's truth in that. I have a friend who writes beautiful letters on that theme alone! And I never tire of reading them ...

Avus said...

Never heard of a strawberry tree before, Kay. Ours over here are groundling plants.
The "straw" in their name referring to the straw that is dusted under them to keep them off the earth.

Kay said...

Avus - That's interesting. We were told by a tree expert that it was a strawberry tree - that's all I know about them (I should do a bit of research.)


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