Monday, 27 April 2009

Not Much Poetry-Writing Today, But ...

... but look who happened along on Saturday.

See, my teeth are as sharp as your teeth.

See, I am much taller than you are.

What speed limit?

On Sunday I wrote a poem to add to my increasing file of '09 poems (much bigger already than my '08 poetry file. For me '08 was not a great poetry-writing year. I think I was more into writing short stories.)

And today ...

According to Becky, Ron McLarty is a writer worth checking out, and because Becky is cool and as sardonic as hell and I put great stock in what she thinks, I did - all three of his books from the library.

And today ...

I finally caved in to my yearly, autumn urge and bought wool and a knitting pattern ... and now my itching, knitting-happy fingers are glad little digits. A striped, hooded jacket for a baby size 0 - 3 months coming up.

One of the colours for the stripes is a butternut yellow - I wonder if Dinzie's 'Day of the Pumpkin' influenced my choice?

... and had a coffee with a friend. We looked at photos she had on her laptop. Because we were enjoying the sun at an outside table, we had to peer hard, trying to screen out the bright light.
After that I took a bus to the Warehouse and downloaded photos of S&E's wedding in January. How good to feel the weight of actual photos in my hands. But I do miss having the negatives. Nothing like a good negative.

... then walked home, sweating in the heat. I felt like a loaded down pack horse I had so much to carry - I had taken all my Grandma Brag Books to show my friend and those three, hard-backed McLarty books didn't help.


The weather lately has been warm and deep. As if autumn's full of the peace that comes before time runs out. I remind myself not to fret about things (like staff meetings and long, grey days) that haven't happened yet.

Our Great-Aunt clock has just chimed midnight.
Today is now officially over.
Long live tomorrow.



Unknown said...

You can't beat a bit of knitting sometimes. It's a real autumn thing for me too - maybe it's the nesting instinct.

You're clocking up the poems at a rate of knots. Fair play to ye, girl!

Love the yellow of that wool, and the we'an is as cute as a button :)

Anonymous said...

Knitting...something I've not done for a long time...not many people seem to do it in England any more. Perhaps there will be a resurgence with the recession. Love the butter nut yellow.

I think 2009 is going to be a good year for writing. I'm doing a short on-line course with Lancashire Uni - trying to hone my skills at writing short stories.

January said...

The pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Penelope said...

Aw, is that the grandson with a Pooh in each hand? Cu-ute! Thanks for sharing him.

kj said...

oh kay, why do i have a lump in my throat reading this? perhaps because this was a genuine walk-along in your life, and i felt privileged to be invited in.


Becky Willis Motew said...

You sound great, Kay. Full of cheer and hope and ambition. That's the way fall is sometimes. Gosh, I hope you like the McLarty books, at least enough to have carried them all that way. [cringing]

Adorable bebe and your sweater will be gorgeous. I like the great-aunt clock--I can picture its personality.


Catherine said...

Delightful photos! Not the recipient of the jacket, size 0 - 3 months, I take it?
Knitting is much more fun in small sizes, it takes too long when there's no one to knit for but adults

Di Mackey said...

It's so good to come here, like visiting the home of a favourite friend or family member somehow. You know what I need to read about ... or perhaps it because you write about home.

Anyway, whatever it is, I do appreciate you out here in this blog world.

Anonymous said...

Kay, I have given you a Kreativ Blogger award. To find out what is involved, please visit Watermaid's Weblog.

apprentice said...

Aw what lovely photos. And those stripes should zing!

I'm glad 09 is proving to be a fruitful time for you and if the work I've seen so far is anything to go by it is all excellent material too.

Kay Cooke said...

Barbara - Thanks for your lovely words of encouragement - it's like having a yarn over a cuppa!

watermaid - All power to you! I am sure your writing will just take off!
I am looking forward to clicking the needles through cold evenings!

January - Thanks! :)

Pen - Indeed it is. The one and only Henry!

kj - You are so sweet. Thanks for your friendship.

Becky - I have read two of the books and halfway thru the third - and they've been worth every drop of sweat!

Catherine - The recipient is someone else, yes.
And yes, I figured that a tiny size would be a quick result and thus a more immediate sense of satisfaction.

Di - Thanks Di!

Watermaid - Thanks - I will get there!

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