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Sunday, 1 March 2009

And Another Link

Ruth Arnison's Poems In Waiting Rooms (NZ) project has found some funding. This is a project which distributes poems on cards to doctors' waiting rooms for patients to read and to take away with them if they so desire. It is a project that first started overseas and which Ruth has picked up for us here in Dunedin. 
I am fortunate enough to have a poem in the Autumn edition. 



Catherine said...

Good to see it's getting going - maybe someone will start it up in Christchurch too (not me, I don't have time for another project)

By the way the autumn readings here get under way weekly from 18th March to 29th April - maybe if you are going to be up this way you could get to one, I can send you the list of readers if you like

Anil P said...

Fantastic idea. Usually I see magazines scattered in doctors' waiting rooms, but this is so much better.

It must be a satisfying feeling to know your poem will make a difference to someone who's visiting a doctor.

BarbaraS said...

Well done you, Kay, that's good going and what a great, practical idea to get poetry 'out there.'

Tammy said...

What a geat idea that you are a part of. Kudos

kj said...

what a terrific project! it inspires me...

chocolate covered musings said...

that is a wickedly cool idea!

you have the best links

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That's fantastic that yours are in it! YAY!!!

It's a very nice thing to have. I've never seen anything like that in the waiting rooms here, what a lovely idea!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

apprentice said...

Great project, and such a welcome diversion. Well done Kay!

Kay said...

Catherine - Thanks - I saw the list on the NZSA newsletter - which makes me wonder, why do I get that newsletter? I always seem to see everything on it somewhere else anyway on my blogland travels ... Hmmm. Another reason to wonder what I get for my $100 sub ...

Anil P - Thanks - I hope the idea gains momentum elsewhere in the world (hint hint!)

Barbara - Thanks - all the work to get it 'out there' is done by Ruth tho'.

Tammy - Yes it is fantastic - 700 out there in waiting rooms! Gotta be good for poetry.

kj - I am glad you're inspired ... :)

Leonie - Yay! Someone actually checked out the links!!! Thank you! (I'm not the best at checking out links myself, so I am doubly impressed!)

wanderlust - It is a great idea - you just need someone with the time energy and selflessness to make it happen. And I am so pleased that we have Ruth for that.

Anna - Well done Ruth, I say! (But I am pleased to be represented!)


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