Sunday, 1 February 2009

Works of Art

On Friday after meeting a friend for a coffee at St Clair, I walked home along the beach. A nice way to finish off the week.


Remember Casper the Caterpillar from a week ago in my last post? Well over the weekend of that week, Casper wove himself into a chrysalis.

I'm a little disappointed because I didn't get to see how it was actually done ... Unlike over at Clare's blog, where all is revealed with regards to her family of silk worms - fascinating! (Go take a look at the photos - plus film - of these little grubs doing their thing.)
This chrysalis is positively jewel-like. Smooth turquoise, a pleasing shape (tear-drop? beach-pebble?) with an exquisite gold thread and two tiny gold dots to finish it all off. And what gets me is it only needs to be a protective cover for the caterpillar, not a sari ... yet, there it is, an example of nature's generosity and sense of design. A work of art.


: Dan Davin's short story collection, 'The Gorse Blooms Pale.' I am enjoying the flavour of Southland in his writing. I find it interesting that most of the stories were written retrospectively and from overseas. (For most of his life he was editor of Oxford Press in England.) He actually left home (and Southland) early on in his life, in his late teens, when he went to Otago University. But Southland never left him. It seems that once Southland has you by the scruff of your neck, it just won't let go. That has been my experience as well.
I imagine Davin's country boyhood in Southland was very similar to that of my father's (who also had the Catholic background). This particular aspect is certainly adding to my personal enjoyment of the writing. It's a chance for me to glean some sense of that freedom my father had in 1920s New Zealand, to roam a wild, semi-primitive world.

Look who came to stay the night last night ... consequently, no writing done by me this weekend!


Things That Made My Week:

A gift from K in Japan

of a beautiful photo album of S&E's wedding

... a chance to reminisce on what was a unique and special day that at the time seemed to just whizz and whirl by in a swirl of beautiful people, family and culture mixtures, differences and flavours. Having the photos helps to have another look and see things I missed at the time.

(I will be posting photos here of the 'Big Day' sometime this week.)

And a Poems In the Waiting Room left in the mailbox (thanks Ruth) with one of my poems in it.
Here is a link to the County Kildare's (Ireland?) version that mentions the Otago, NZ, 'Poems In the Waiting Room' launched by Ruth Arnison (this link takes you to the NZ PITWR site with the good news of sponsorship from two businesses after they saw the newspaper article! Yay!). I am very proud to have been asked by Ruth if my poem 'Life's Work' (which I first 'launched' in this post) could be included. I hope lots of sponsors can be found. Anything that sets poetry free to roam among the public deserves to be supported.


Becky Willis Motew said...

I am not surprised that book compilers/editors want your work. It is wonderful. What a lovely seashore walk home--not many get that pleasure, eh?


Anne Camille said...

That crysalis is exquisite!

apprentice said...

Well done on the poem. I keep meaning to mention the UK one to Linda my neighbour who is a GP.
The book sounds great, especially the connection it is giving you to your Dad.

Tammy Brierly said...

I've never seen a crysalis. wow! What a great week you had! HUGS

Avus said...

Seems you and I both like to take beach photographs - there's something about breakwaters and water-worn wooden verticals.

Loved the chrysalis - ain't nature wonderful.

Kay Cooke said...

Becky - Thanks. I don't take enough advantage of having the beach as close. But when I do it's enervating stuff (good word, enervating!)

Cam - Hi! I thought so too.

apprentice - I will be interested to hear if anything comes of you mentioning the PITWR project to your neighbour.

Tammy - HUGS right back at ya!

Avus - I like how you describe what i call 'posts'! :)

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