Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Science of Rainbows

Some photos of the wedding of S and E in January. It was a fantastic day, one which I think I have finally processed 42 days later. (It takes me a while after overwhelming times.) Needless to say, it all went wonderfully, with the family and guests there from Japan adding to what was a unique ocassion.

The following photos were taken by my sister (McDinzie). Thanks McD - your photo taking is superb.

... guests gather. Here are some of my extended family about to make trouble ... no, not really ... yes, actually, they just can't help themselves ...

... but never this one - the happy father of the groom.

... the groom himself - the one farthest from the camera.

... the bride arrives with her papa.

... the line-up, and showing more of the garden setting for the wedding. (At this stage the thunder clouds were beginning to gather overhead.)

The Marriage Celebrant was Philippa Jamieson, a Dunedin writer. She did a marvellous job. Not only was she gracious and warm, but she knows Japanese and was able to keep the family from Japan up with what was happening.

... me reading out a poem especially composed.

... granddaughter A ...

An important part of the ceremony was the presence of little A. She was none too happy about being seperated from her mama. There were lots of tears and loud crying from her throughout the ceremony. Her mother reckons that it was her ire that brought along the black thundercloud full of rain and hail - yes, hail! in the middle of summer - to off-load upon everyone just before S and E repeated their vows. Well they say don't they, that rain on the wedding day is a lucky sign for a marriage? It rained on our wedding in Invercargill back in 1976 (although we can't lay claim to hail) and it also rained a little on M&K's wedding here a year and a half ago. This sudden downpour added some fun and drama; all guests had to hastily retire into the house. It also totally flattened my hair, giving me rats' tails for the rest of the photos.

And speaking of rain and such ... the other evening we were honoured by a visit from a big, fat rainbow. When I was about seven years old, a monstrous rainbow arrived in the paddock right next door to my Nana's house. It was so close I was absolutely convinced as I scrambled through the fence that I was was about to find a pot of gold. It was a life-lesson when all I found were cow pats and thistles. The science of a rainbow was duly explained to me. (I remember refusing to cry even though I felt like it - I was learning about pride as well! However the feeling of utter disillusionment is well remembered).

Weddings and rainbows ... what the heck - why not complete the Hallmark theme ... with caterpillars and butterflies?

Remember Casper the caterpillar and his chrysalis at my work? Well the other morning the chrysalis began to darken ...

Then as the shell of the chrysalis thinned to transparency, the faint outline of the monarch butterfly markings could be seen.

A shame I couldn't set up a proper time lapse, but alas too many childcare duties. As we went about our daily routines and the usual busyness caring for infants and toddlers entails, the butterfly slowly got free of its chrysalis shell and emerged, a little damp, but quite exquisite.

The next day his swan plant home was taken outside, and Casper flew off on butterfly business.


And that's not all! Another perfect day today ... A cool-ish, end-of-summer day as autumn shoulders its way into summer's party. Good conditions for a walk. I headed for St Kilda beach. Here are some images from my little excursion.



dinzie said...

I think your sister is getting pretty good with the old camera !!

I still think about the pots of gold at the end of rainbows :O)


rel said...

Beauty piled upon beauty! Exquisite post; those from the heart usually are.
Rainbows, butterflies and beautiful babies: enough said.

Unknown said...

Fantastic pictures - the wedding looks so warm and sunny, and 'into every life a little rain must fall,' nothing wrong with water :)

The Monarch pictures remind me of Clare Dudman's work on her blog about the silk worms which have now become moths, which are all very busy with mothy business!

carole said...

I love the whimsicality of this post...the wedding...rainbows...butterflies.

I've just caught up with you. I stick mostly with Wordpress because it allows me to post my own photos in the header. For photographs generally Blogger is better.

A fortnight tomorrow, I'm off to Japan.

McDinzie said...

Ah the memory...and the hail...never did get a picture of it...just too surprised by its arrival :-)

we have a chrylsis on our swamp plant....they dont take long to incubate then??? will have to keep and eye on it

Kay Cooke said...

dinzie - I agree.

rel - Thanks a heap!

barbara - Yes, I did a plug for Clare's marvellous silk worm doings and goings on my first post about the caterpillar. Co-incidentality rules!

carole - I am sooo excited for you - looking forward to your perspective ! :)

mcd - Once the chrysalis is formed it takes about ten days - when it goes black, just a matter of hours.

Catherine said...

Great to see the wedding photos at last. Your granddaughter looks adorable peering over her mother's shoulder.

Thanks for visiting, I have a new post up now (lantern festival in Christchurch this weekend)

Becky Willis Motew said...

Oh how wonderful--I know what you mean about events taking time to sink in (I am still in Paris in my head). The wedding was divine. I would have gathered it close just like you and thought about it endlessly. You look beautiful. The rainbow, the butterly, and the wedding....not a bad book title.:)

Mama Llama said...

So many miracles gracing this post, Kay! I love the picture of you.

The photos of the butterfly are marvelous. I am a huge fan of rainbows. I remember once, in what I thought was an impossibility, driving in a rainbow in a strong storm. I never thought it possible due to perspective--my parents were equally awed when, looking out our car windows on I-5 going south in Medford, there was rainbow out of both sides of the car. Everything looked rainbow. I will never forget that. It lasted only an instant.

Be well, Kay.

Rethabile said...

I suspect we're not going to get to read that special poem you read. We're sorry, but we understand.

Super post. I love those pupa photos, so symbolic.

Kay Cooke said...

catherine - Thanks she was adorable when she wasn't crying ... okay, even then!

becky - thanks. The book title idea's a good'un!

mama llama - You drove THROUGH a rainbow - awesome!

ret - Thanks. Maybe one day I will post the poem.

apprentice said...

What a wonderful day it looks, the ceremony and the love is clearly caught.

You are stacking lovely memories at present, which is wonderful.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*THAT* is one of the best posts I've ever, ever seen here.

I -love- the wedding photos, what a beautiful event, and rainbows to top it all off (hail?) YAY!

Casper is quite beautiful, and it's very special that you got to witness as much of that transformation as you did!

And the beach... just to add some frosting to the whole thing.

How wonderful!!

Thank you for sharing so many special moments, they are precious.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Patry Francis said...

Such happiness! Your rainbows are both an art and a science. Wishing all good things to your beautiful family.

P.S. How fortunate your family was to have a poet among them--and one brave enough to read her words!

Kay Cooke said...

Anna - Stacking memories - yeah! Like that!

Scarlett - You are very kind, thank you so much.

Patry - Thanks! So nice to have you visit.

kj said...

ohmygod,kay! what a terrific and multifaceted post. the bride, the baby, the mil are all beautiful. the butterfly is unbelievable--i've never seen shots like these before and i'm stunned by the glittered color. and your country, and ocean, is as always, just beautiful too.

i'm glad all is well in your world.
and thanks again for the book review. i so appreciate it!


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Loved ALL of this! Made my day better~ thanks for the reminders that the world is a good place....

Jan said...

LOVELY lovely posting! REally enjoyed it and VERY glsad to be back!

Avus said...

The song "This is My Lovely Day" came to mind.

Sounds just perfect.

Di Mackey said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

What more can I say. The wedding looked simply lovely, the rainbow story made me sad and smiley in the same moment, views of home always make me nostalgic and happy ... oh, AND you looked beautiful in your wedding dress.

by kd said...

Vast riches. Shows your gift for capturing the spirit of an occasion in poetry and photos.

Endment said...

weddings, and rainbows and new life. What a remarkable post

Mama Llama said...

Just checking in on you, Kay! Hope all is well.

Be well.

Kay Cooke said...

kj - My pleasure!
joyce - I'm real chuffed to have been able to cheer up your day!
Jan - Good to see you back too!
Avus - Yes, that is a fitting theme tune.
Di - Thank you so much!
kd - You're too nice!
Endment - Thank you ... thanks for dropping in, good to see you again!
Mama Llama - Thanks for checking. I've been a trifle snowed under lately but am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (I think!)

Tammy Brierly said...

Kay, this post was so filled with beauty. Thank you for sharing these blessings. XXOO


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