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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

'Hey There Mr Blue'

Yesterday the sun came out after a week of cheerless, cold, grey weather. The blue sky after such a lengthy shut-out, was greeted in normal fashion with noise: lawnmowers and hedge trimmers; cars roaring down the street, windows generously wound right down so that everyone gains the benefit of drum and bass from a stereo system playing full tilt. Next door's Dad and kids playing cricket on the back lawn.

I went out on to our pocket-handkerchief deck, opened up a fold-up chair and had just started to read Janet Frame's 'Towards Another Summer', when our son C called in with three others from Haast. They had flown over on a small plane just for the day (as you do.) We offered them coffee and chocolate and spent a pleasant hour chatting before they headed off for the journey back over the Southern Alps. (I thought the pilot with his abundance of local knowledge and the way he can tell a yarn, was a little like a combination of two of my brothers.)

This morning the sun was there again. We went for a walk around part of the golf course where we got views of St Clair beach.
This walking is all in a vain (note intended double entendre) attempt to lose some of the kilos I have put on - BEFORE Christmas Dinner. Please stop with the chocolates people ... and the fudge and nuts ...

I have now ticked off most of the items on my tattered list. So all is in readiness for the arrival of SEA (son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter) from Kyoto on Christmas Eve. We are travelling up to Christchurch to meet and greet them from off the plane.
Great excitement! It would be great if the sun kept shining, but unfortunately the forecast is for showers.


Dana said...

I love seeing your summer world when I am trapped in my winter world.

Becky Motew said...

Yes, I'm chiming in on your stricture against chocolates, although I have sinned grievously here in Paris. Chocolate mousse--really is there anything more divine? Have a wonderful Christmas, Kay.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Ah, your hearts will all be full of sun.... Wish I could see the joy on your faces the first minutes when you all meet!

Kay said...

Dana - My pleasure which I am sure you will return!

Becky - Divine!!! You have a wonderful Christmas too.

Joyce - It will be so great it may even reach you!

Catherine said...

It's still shining here at the moment (well, it's night, but it's not raining) So you may be lucky.
I have work tomorrow. It may be after Christmas before I catch up on blogging. Have a lovely Christmas with the family!

Rethabile said...

Happy holidays. The best for 2009 (good health, happiness, dosh)

Kay said...

Catherine - Thanks. You too (it was sunny & warm enough, so that was good. A relief.)

Rethabile - Thanks, and right back at ya!

paris parfait said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday season. Can't wait to see photos with the new grandchild! Happy New Year, Kay! xo

Remiman said...

Rain or shine I'm sure it was a bright and cheery Christmas in the Cooke abode!
Here's to an even brighter New Year.

kj said...

i hope your christmas was a grand event! at least you did not have snow. happy new year, chief. and thanks for your invaluable help to me this year. xo

apprentice said...

Yes lovely to see that summer light, even through a haze. I hope the visit goes well and wish you and yours all good things for 2009

January said...

Can't believe it's so warm where you are--we're getting snow later today.

Glad you had a nice Christmas. Wishing you all the best in 2009, Kay!

Remiman said...

Happy New Year Kay, May you fill the blank pages with your wonderful words.

Becky Motew said...

Happy New Year, Kay!!!! I face three months and more of crappy weather, but I will think of yours for inspiration. :)


Tammy said...

I hope you are having a glorious time with your family!

May 2009 bring you much joy and love. XXOO

Claire Beynon said...

Dear Kay -just popping in to say Hi and HAPPY NEW YEAR. I've been thinking of you enjoying this beautiful summer in the company of your special family. Looking forward to seeing pics of your wee grandchild and to hearing the stories when you get back to Dunedin. Much love, C

Kay said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words and Happy New Year wishes. I am back!


'how this all harbours light'