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Friday, 21 November 2008

Brought to you Live on Channel 9 - Mike Cooke, Artist

Go here to view Mike Cooke talking about his art exhibition on local TV, Channel 9.


Ice lines said...

Hi Kay - I've just visited the Channel 9 website to see M's work and hear him talking about his work. Wonderful! Sooo exciting for you all! Hope to see you soon. Will be heading home early Dec. Thanks ++ for staying in touch via blog (I can see how blogging could become addictive!) L C

Kay said...

Hi Claire, Thanks for the interest. Every time I visit your site, I am blown away by your images and words - I can see how Antarctica could become addictive!
Now remember to come back!

Tammy said...

He is so adorable and charming. It's all so exciting for you all and infectious. HUGS


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