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Thursday, 30 October 2008


Time to unashamedly boast about the upcoming exhibition of Mike Cooke's art at the Blue Oyster gallery here in Dunedin. Mike is our son and a STUNNING artist.
Check out his work HERE


Tammy said...

I looked at his collection and you must be so proud! Take pictures, OK? HUG

Catherine said...

I looked too, they are great. What a pity I won't be down that week (no definite arrangements yet but it will be the week before if I do make it)

kj said...

i looked at mike's pictures too. my favorites: polar and dove and painting boy. he is obviously already successful--that is so great!

nothing beats being proud of your family!


apprentice said...

Fantastic, what an imagination he has. I love the scribble heads.

You are a talented family missus!


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