Monday, 25 August 2008

A Walk Back In July

St Kilda and St Clair beaches (one runs into the other) are constantly under seige from the sea. Much of south Dunedin is reclaimed and it is as if the ocean is trying to claim the land back. Hence the machines at work rebuilding high tide damage to the sand banks. To form the high banks they are dumping sand that has been imported from elsewhere.

Some surfers braving the freezing breakers.

On the way back we walked along rugby* grounds (sports grounds) at the back of the sand dunes; grounds that are being eaten away by the wind and waves; and came across this fellow. I thought it was dead until I read the notice and discovered that it was in fact sleeping. 

*'rugby' for American readers, is a type of football game very popular in NZ. 


Unknown said...

I love the last two pictures - the seal seems bizarre until you see the warning sign. Your beach photos in winter mock the summer use of beaches :)

There's a similar problem with the sea trying to reclaim the land in Norfolk in the UK. I was just watching a programme about it last night.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing something similar to the St Kilda/St Clair reclamation along the coast of southern Norfolk, where my aunt and uncle live (their cul de sac ends where the North Sea coast begins). The northerly winds drive the shore southwards all winter, so that in the summer the diggers bring back the sand from the Suffolk coast to the northern beaches. The loss of height of the coast is about fifteen feet, I think. Fortunately it's mostly on a steeply sloping shore and doesn't threaten the houses unless there's a big storm (unlike further south!).

Tim Jones said...

When I lived in Dunedin, I took that walk many times - usually with a dog that got wetter, and more committed to shaking the wetness all over me, as the walk proceeded. I enjoyed the post, and the memories brought back by your pictures - thanks!

apprentice said...

Lovely to see them so close up. Our seals stay out on a sand bar offshore.

Here they've adopted a policy of letting the sea win, in N Yorkshire etc quite a few communities are being allowed to disappear under the onslaught of the sea.

dinzie said...

By the cringe it looks really cold down your way !!

Love the seal pics ... even he has better sense than those surferes to be out of the water on a day like that ! ...

Mama Llama said...

I have an Aussie friend from Perth who plays rugby; I used to always see him in Japan showing up on Monday morning at school with a black eye.

The ocean does seem to want to claim back lately what was not ours to take. Your seas do look so cold, reflecting the grays of the skies above...almost like the Oregon coast, although not so rugged.

Lovely photos, Kay. Be well.

rel said...

It seems that despite our best or worst efforts; nature will out.
Walks along the shore a wonderful, no matter ones mood.

Jan said...

Good calling in again and I look forward to returning ASAP.

kj said...

the shot of the snoozy sea lion is my treat for today!! adorable.

chief, i just love seeing your sea--so far away from mine and yet it all flows together....


Kay Cooke said...

barbara - There are moew oeopole walking the beach than there used to be I notice. I don't know what that means ...

harvestbird - Thanks for that info - so interesting - fascinating to think that every year they return the sands!

tim -it is a great walk all right and I must confess we don't take advantage of it as much as we should.

apprentice - I wonder if that will happen here too, eventually? At the moment though the City Council seem pretty dedicated to fighting the fight against the ocean's onslaught - altho' at times they appear a little bewildered and at a bit of a loss as to what to do about its unpredictability.

dinzie - Oh yes it's been cold - but I have to say I enjoy it. I like wearing scarves and gloves and hats - the whole works. It's not cold if you dress for it, as they say.

mama llama - You are not the first person to remark that there are similarities between here and Oregon.

rel - A walk along the beach is one of my favourite things to do on this planet. Not that I know what my favourite things to do would be on any other planet!

jan - Thanks and looking forward to your next visit :)

kj - A lovely link indeed.

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