Sunday, 31 August 2008

Dose of Late Winter

Last weekend we woke to this scene. R's parents live in Queenstown and a visit to see them always provides us with welcome doses of lake and mountains.

On the way we stopped for a meal at Lawrence. From the small cafe where we were treated to a yummy seafood chowder (my choice) and hot pot (R's choice) we could see across the road the hotel named by an Auckland couple who found their way south, bought a hotel and named it before the locals had a chance to  do it for them. ('Jafas' is vernacular for Just Another F*** Aucklander; in case you didn't know!)


Mama Llama said...

The mountains are stunning, Kay.

I loved the "Jafa" acronym. Very funny.

Brr.. I am not ready for the descent into winter. Or is it an ascent? I tend to think more negatively, I suppose, toward winter than I do toward summer. Funny.

Be well, Kay!

Unknown said...

Well, our winter can't be any worse than our summer!

These are great pics, very refreshing indeed to see the snow on the mountains!

I like the 'Jafa' explanation; very witty on the hotel :)

McDinzie said...

nothing like positive reinforcement as a cafe name!!!!

brrrrrrr...tooooo coooolllldddd

Catherine said...

I'm curious about Lawrence - I had a greatuncle who was a solicitor there, years back - he died at ninety something, the oldest practising barrister in New Zealand.
We had glorious sunshine today, I'm hoping that summer is finally on its way

rel said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.....
I thought it was a special blend of NZ coffee. :-)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

If I were there instead of here, that's what I would name my blog: Jafas!

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