Sunday, 27 July 2008

Poems in Canopic Jar

I now have three poems in Canopic Jar - follow the link to read more from this classy publication And I'm not just saying that cos I'm in it! No. It's because Rethabile is the class act behind this on-line poetry journal. 


Unknown said...

Lovely work, Kay. I like the Tom Dooley Tree, that's pretty smart!

rel said...

Good, Good, Good!

A poet's poetry.


January said...

Excellent. Can't wait to go there and read your work.

And it is a wonderful online publication.

Carmen said...

Kay! I loaned your book "feeding the dog" to my mother and she loved it. wishing you the best

Kay Cooke said...

barbara - Thank you :)

rel - Thanks :)

january = Thank you :)

Camille - I'm so pleased about that- Thanks :)

Rethabile said...

Humbled, and feeling fortunate to have you in the number.

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