Sunday, 27 July 2008

colouring in black and white

dim-blue Skoda

Maybe 1967. My little sister’s tanned legs
and face tell me summer. And Uncle Reg
down from Wellington always around Christmas.
A Sunday drive then, in from Gore, Grandad driving,
seen from the back his hat giving him the silhouette
of a sunflower. A bit of a breeze parts Nana’s perm,
rolls the background clouds east from south. 
Cardigans on means it isn’t warm. Shadows 
under chins and eyes means an overhead, 
mid-day sun. Nana is steady with her usual 
cautious calm. She folds her hands and above 
a neatly rolled cuff, her mother-of-pearl 
watch-face catches the sun. Grandad's 
Maori nose beams in the sun, his worker’s hands 
lie relaxed over the roof and windscreen 
to take ownership of his clean car. 
Uncle Reg, the tricker, tickles my grinning sister’s head.
The youngest of seven, at five years old, she knows how 
to be cute on the gleaming bonnet of the dim-blue Skoda. 
The four of them (my uncle and grandparents now dead)
caught in black-and-white by me aged fourteen when 
with a pronounced click I press the slow shutter 
of my Brownie box camera. A moment ago.


rel said...

You developed your keen observation skills at an early age and they've only grown stronger.

Unknown said...

Wow Kay, I can't believe that - yours a Skoda and ours a Zephyr, and there's seven years between the poems - that is so cool! The detail is terrific here, and the title captures that blue so well.

apprentice said...

Yes you've really caught a moment here, and your powers of recall and observation are wonderful.

We had similar time at my grandad's on the Isle of Bute.
My step gran's tongue sandwiches gently curling in the sun lol!

Anonymous said...

Great photo...and poem! I like the way it begins kind of vague, looking for clues as to what time of year and which year it was but by the end with all the details recalled the photo was taken just a moment ago. Always strange the ways memories and photos mix.

Avus said...

Nice one, Kay. That took me back - I once had a light blue Skoda (in the days when they were an international joke - "How do you double the value of a Skoda? - Fill the petrol tank!") Nice cars these days.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

This is a wonderful poem you have gleaned from the photo==such a good job! You are truly gifted.

Kay Cooke said...

rel - A pity I can't remember things os well now.

barbara - I was really amused at the similarities. Your poem rocks by the way.

apprentice - Ha! Yes a lot of our family get togethers had Scottish traditions burbling away underneath.

kamsin - Thanks so much, loved the comments.

avus - Grandad loved his wee car.

joyce - Thanks so much.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Isn't it something how time flies by like we are standing still?

It's SO fast... just a blur, and now there are lovely photos of your own grandchildren adorning this same page where you've shared the images of your childhood... the span of 5 generations, I think, and that's quite amazing.

And very beautiful.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Kay Cooke said...

Scarlett - Such a lovely comment - thanks and yes time goes by so swiftly ...

Anne S said...

Ah the old Brownie Box Camera...

We had one of those as well.

Lovely picture and poem to go with it. Vivid and pictorial.

Jan said...

EXcellent. Love your powers of recalling observation..

Kay Cooke said...

anne - I feel very sentimental about that camera - it was a present for my tenth birthday.

jan - Easier than trying tio remember what I had for dinner yesterday!

Mama Llama said...

Funny how such memories, emotions, details can easily trump those of what simply occured yesterday, isn't it? What a fun jaunt back to days of yore.

Be well, Kay.

Kay Cooke said...

mama llama - Thanks and yes, I know.

Anonymous said...

love it.

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