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Monday, 23 June 2008

Nearest Book, pg 123, fifth sentence ...

Anne of Cat Politics set me a wee task - to reach for the nearest book, turn to page 123 and write the fifth sentence.
So I did:
'Similarly on superconductor b there will be a steady current, to the left, at any point to the left of the wavefront.'
which happens to be the fifth sentence from the book, 'The Electromagnetic Field' by Albert Shadowitz.

Now doesn't that make perfect sense?
Acually, I think the author's name is more interesting than the subject.
That will serve me right for having Robert's physics textbooks closer at hand than a novel or a poetry book.

And now I must awa' to my bed ... as the Scots say. (After all, it's ... shhh ... 4.05 a.m.) and I've got work tomorrow.
Gaahhh ... as my friend from Little Red Omnibus would say.

Oh and yes - I pass on the above task to anyone who is casting about for something to blog about. :)


McDinzie said...

I know I've already mentioned it...but seeing how I was late in mentioning it last year.....should I mention it at all?? well of course I should....

So what are you doing for your birthday on Wednesday

Remiman said...

Gooy, You go to bed just when I arise.
Happy birthday!

Remiman said...

Or, golly. ;)

Kay said...

mcd - You are so sneaky! :) We are going out for dinner at a local pizza place - all 7 of us - there wil be photos!

rel - Well ... I was suffering from my usual bout of Sunday night insomnia.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

"Having covered this area already, I will emphasize the most important point: there is no tree "out there."

pg 123, 5th sentence, How To Know God, The Soul's Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries, by Deepec CHopra.


Tim Jones said...

The first three books on the pile don't have a page 123. Then we come to:

"The door opened again and the man emerged, equally large and portly, and Mark Alexandrovich at once recognized him as a famous Belgian Social Democrat who was prominent in the Second International."

- from Children of the Arbat by Anatoli Rybakov. A very good book, but that's not one of its most memorable sentences.

Avus said...

Just shows that you have to take care which book is by you when you attempt this particular meme.

Kay said...

Joyce, Tim, Avus - Thanks for responding ... random is interesting isn't it? And if we follow it (for example looking up the books Tim and Joyce mentioned) who knows where it might lead?

Mrs. G. said...

I like this meme. I just wanted to come by and say hello to my favorite Chief Biscuit!

McDinzie said...

Happy birthday, happy birtday, happy happy birthday!!

I promised you a link to a site offering you seniors special deals and here it is
You lucky thing!!!!

Hope your feeling better now though...and not still sick in bed :(

Kay said...

mcd - Well of all the cheek - senior citizen indeed ... Hang on a minute tho'; I guess I am. Time to leave the land of denial and embrace the good deals on fluffy slippers and cardies??? ;) I DON" THINK SO GIRLIE!!! :)

Carole said...

It made me laugh anyway. I did this some time ago, and happened to have the novel I was reading for my course to hand.

By the way, I didn't immediately recognize you when you came to my blog as 'Kay'! Oh, and 'Happy Birthday' - it's just after midday Wednesday here in the UK. I had mine a couple of weeks ago and I would now like to start taking years off rather than adding them on.

Rethabile said...

I'm glad it wasn't a dictionary you reached for...

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (ALthough by now you have already celebrated, and probably gone to bed...) Anyway, I hope it was a good one!

My daughter-in-law Grace's birthday is today also. We're going out to dinner at THE HAPPY SUMO this evening, and some of her Philippino friends are doing a luau (sp?) in her honor on Saturday--roast pig, blood pudding...that sort of thing....

XP (I just made this up: sideways its crossed eyes and a mouth with the tongue hanging out, my pictorial attempt at "Eewwwww."

Rethabile said...

There you go, I missed your birthday (*slaps self*)

I hope you had a great one!

kj said...

i like that you stay up way late too, chief. i love that time of night...or early early morning.


Kay said...

Mrs G- Thank you!!! :)

carole - I know what you mean about taking time off - I must admit for the first time ever I feel ancient - how did that happen? Alot of bloggers seem to have birthdays in June ... Hope yours was happy too.

Joyce - Thanks. So your dil is another June Bug? Hope Grace has a happy time with her friends - does sound a bit XP :)

rethabile - And you are another June Bug too aren't you? Cancerians unite!!!

kj - It is a very quiet time! So great for thinking and writing.

Tammy said...


My bloglines is not alerting me with the change. Who knew you had so many blogs. lol

I'll figure it out!

wendy said...

Oh a Birthday girl! Happiness to you! Maggies is on the 26th.

Thanks for the gentle creative nudge. It was sorely needed!

harvey molloy said...

The nearest book at hand was The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by John Clute. Sentence five on EE Doc Smith states: "But Doc Smith did create Space Opera, because the secret of Space Opera is not that the hero is a brave inventor-adventurer, who comes up with devastating new gadgets whenever an enemy shows up coming over the horizon; nor is it the fact that the tale is set in space."


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