Thursday, 22 May 2008

After the Festival

This will be the fastest blog post in the west if it works! I do it just before I dash to work in the rain, under a red umbrella.

The weekend in Invercargill at the Readers and Writers Alive! festival was fantastic. More about it perhaps when I have more time ...

Meanwhile here are some pics. (Photographers acknowledged.)

Photo by Ella.
Photo by Ella.
Photo by Ella.
Photo by Ella.
Photo by RC.


Unknown said...

And there's you looking all important ;)

Great photos - hope you really enjoyed it!

by kd said...

yay, was going to ask you how it went!

Tammy Brierly said...

Look at you, a star! ;) Hope it was great fun.

kj said...

ooooooh! i like seeing you, chief!


Kay Cooke said...

cailleach - Yeah - ha! ha!

kd - Yes it was great to be with writer friends again - despite some missing elements ;)

tammy - it was the best of fun - and then all over so soon.

kj - You are too kind :)

Anonymous said...

Love the image I have of you dashing to work under a red umbrella! Dont't you look good on the podium.

Belle said...

Hi Chief,

Thanks to Ella for the little slice of your life in pictures showing great snacks, drinks, conversation, and camaraderie.

Mama Llama said...

Look at you!!!

And I can say, "Hey, I KNOW someone there!!!"

I feel like a proud mama. How lovely!

Patry Francis said...

You look very natural at that podium (more relaxed than I usually feel.) Wish I had been there!

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