Sunday, 30 March 2008


drawing in



shadows on the grapevine

shadows on the garden seat

detritus on the lawn

dead plums

bright decay


battening down,
heading for wherever we believe home to be.


Sure Signs

Red leaves like mouths in the gutter.
The hard-earned flight of a large butterfly.

Bellbirds tune the air. Among berries,
the scuttle of waxeyes. The shift of wind

in the silver birches.
The smell of fermenting plums

This urge to feed, to brightly let go,
to burst into death.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


ABM has just brought me a pre-dinner wine. Another Sunday is coming to an end.

Today puts on its coat,
gets ready to leave. But
before it turns
to lime, a layer

for some future
dig, I need to state: I was here.
I saw. I lived it through
and did not give up.


Son C was here for the weekend. It was good to see him again - he seems so big, so tall and self-assured. While here he caught up with his two brothers - M who is here most days painting in his studio downstairs. And S in Japan. Skype is the most amazing thing. We can talk to a drowsy S in Kyoto before he heads off for his morning shower. And he can tell me what C texted him on the computer a minute before that.
"I'm not sure where ABM and C went," I say.
"They've gone to collect C's car," S in Japan tells me in NZ!


I'm looking forward to going down to the Southland Arts Festival in Invercargill in May to help run a poetry workshop down there with Cilla McQueen and to take part on the Saturday night in a poetry reading with other poets - Emma Neale, Richard Reeve, Michael Harlow, Peter Olds, Jenny Powell-Chalmers, Jeanne Bernhardt, David Howard.

So, even though summer has come to an end, there are good things to look forward to in the autumn. Not least, the Indian Summer we are enjoying right now, with warm days and balmy nights. Long may it continue.



Kamsin said...

My Mum is just discovering the wonders of Skype! She can catch me a little after she wakes up and I've just got in before I have dinner. Don't know how well this'll work when I get busier but it is almost as though we're still in the same country!

apprentice said...

What a gorgeous autumn poem. I can smell those plums! My windfalls rot like that, the peacock butterflies love them.

I love the red leaves like mouth, what a great image!

S. Kearney said...

Your autumn means my spring ... so thanks for passing it on! Love those two poems, CB. So vivid and peaceful. Skype is a wonder, yes. I use it to talk to my mum in NZ, when my connection is up and running! :-)

January said...

Wonderful photos and poems--loved "Sure Signs" and that last line.

Will you be writing a poem a day in April. (Yes, we should call it International Poetry Writing Month.)

January said...
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Kay Cooke said...

kamsin - It was just like the two brothers were sitting down together in the next room.

apprentice - Thanks so much - you're very encouraging.

shameless - Thanks Shameless- yes, spring for you - what about some spring poetry from you?

january - Thanks so much. Good to get feedback! I keep going back in to tweak lines! Mmmmm, yeah ... still thinking about the poem-a-day ... I think I have a day's grace to think about it over the day, even though March comes to an end here today. I'll let you know once I've decided.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Each picture and caption was a poem in itself!

I love Skype! I got to watch my grandson in Minnesota open his birthday presents, we got to sing him Happy Birthday--we talk often. My daughter-in-law talks daily to her family in the Philippines, and seestr her brothers and sisters, her mother, her nieces and nephews. It's an amazing thing, almost as good as being there!

kj said...

i love your poetry, chief. i know enough to know you make the craft look easy. the result is subtle and lush.

i am just beginning my Spring, then summer. i am lighter because of it.

take care!!

Kay Cooke said...

pepek - I LOVE Skype!

kj - Thanks kj - you're a doll!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Skype is wonderful. Apart from one bad connection, Kamsin sounds as if she's very close by. It seems strange that you are coming to the end of summer whilst we look forward to the summer we hope that we'll have. Absolutely love your poems.

Anonymous said...

I love your colored glass on the window ledge!

Skype... Yes, most certainly becomming more and more popular.

First time to your blog... Will be back.


Patry Francis said...

Yours is a lovely world.

Unknown said...

That's a great set of photos leading into the longer piece. There's something about autumn that always gets me writing - as though to record it all in case of needing it again... it's not the same as the actual moment itself, but it helps.

Best of luck with the poetry workshop and the reading too. You will let us know how it goes...

Becky Willis Motew said...

Ohmygosh, that was powerful.

Today turning back and the layer of

I'm in awe.

You're a talented one, CB.
For weather, we are ALWAYS going to have cold and drear here in New England. Or so it seems.

by kd said...

I love those two poems, Chief!

Tammy Brierly said...

I LOVE your poetry CB! This post was creative and joyful. You sound content.

The new venue is awesome!


Kay Cooke said...

water maid - Thanks. I am a great fan of Skype for sure. It helps when family are a long, long away doesn't it?

doug - Thanks for dropping by - I've gone over to see what you're up to and loved - will be back too.

cailleach - Yes I think of all the seasons, Autumn is the most poetic.

patry - Thank you Patry :)

becky - Thanks so much - you know I think the same about you, doncha?!

kd - Thanks you! ;)

tammy - You are sooooo kind. :)

Carmen said...

lovely poetry. thanks for sharing!

Kay Cooke said...

camille - Hi to the lovely Camille! & CONGRATS!!!! to you!

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely poem and photo series. Good luck with the workshop and reading!

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