Saturday, 2 February 2008

Look Through Any Window

Looking north.
Out the window above the kitchen sink.
Looking east.
Looking south - the emerging study / office / writing room. (At least I've made a start.)

And all this I leave behind to go to work. Today's shift: 11.30 - 8.00 pm. At least it's still light until 9.00 pm.
At 9.00pm the little blue penguins (the smallest penguin in the world) come up out of the sea and head for their burrows in the sand dunes at Pilot's Beach, close to where I work at the Albatross Centre. One night I'll stay behind and watch them. Before leaving, visitors are urged to check under their cars to make sure there are no little blues lurking there and in danger of getting run over.
The sun shines brightly, although there are some hefty clouds milling. As long as there's wind out at the end of the peninsula for the albatrosses to glide by on. Then everyone's happy. I enjoy the job, but do sometimes feel I am a performing seal. Raising my voice so I can be heard above the air conditioner. Smiling between sentences. Answering the same questions ...
I have applied for a job at an early childhood centre closer to home. I said I'd never go back to that work, but it's familiar and wouldn't involve so much driving, or working in the weekends and public holidays. Besides, I don't have to talk in a loud voice. Or talk at all if I don't need to - just sing!


dinzie said...

Good luck with the job search :O)

Your house is looking bright and sunny ....

Our Kitchen is starting to look bright again as we hack the gorse down on the bank hot dusty work though

rel said...

I'd like to try a job where I was expected to sing most of the time. ;)

Patry Francis said...

I'd love to see a photo of those blue penguins. Thanks for sharing the views from your lovely windows.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Well, if you choose to stay it will have been a great experience, and if you leave it will still be a great experience! ;)

Loved looking at the pictures, as always do.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Do you sometimes get those little nursery songs stuck in your head, and hear little squeaky high-pitched voices singing ALL NIGHT LONG???

I used to.

Anonymous said...

It's so difficult to find a job that ticks all the boxes. It looks so spacious and summery through your windows. We had some rare sunshine on Friday, a day when snow was forecast, and we're looking forward to the days starting to lengthen to beyond 4.30pm

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

good luck finding a job that lets you spend more time in your "room of one's own". thanks for sharing all the albatross stories and photos too- it has been so enjoyable to read about.

Kay Cooke said...

dinzie - Ta. I am looking forward to work closer to home - but will miss the whole peninsula experience nonetheless.

rel - yeah - sounds good doesn't it? The thing with working with kids is you can be a kid yourself at times and it's all okay.

patry - I'll see if I can arrange to post a photo ... just for you.

pepek - Now I know where you got that quote from! it's a great one.

All Night Long isn't that a Lionel Ritchie song?

watermaid - Yes it is. You're heading for summer as fast as we are headig for winter - awww.

rebecca - thanks for you best wishes. I hope so too.

Mrs. G. said...

Chief Biscuit, I want your view!

apprentice said...

Good luck with the job, i'm sure you'll do well.

You views and home are lovely, lots of light!

I watched this about gardens downunder lat night, two in North Island NZ

You can catch it on the Beeb's new watc again facility

Jan said...

Hope I meet you one of these days!
I like your comments and your logical yet highly creative mind!
Lovely snaps of a brilliant part of the planet..

S. Kearney said...

So nice to see flora out of each window! Magic. :-)

It's good that you're going with the flow re work as well ... not letting yourself get up in something that isn't quite you. As Pepek said above, we can put it all down to experience! :-)

Belle said...

Love the idea of your own office/workspace. Everyone should have one. Also... the afghan on the couch...I have one similar..see my blog.

Tammy Brierly said...

CB, being close to home will allow you more CB time and singing sounds good to me. ;) Your home is lovely!

Good luck!

Kay Cooke said...

mrs g - Well you can't have it! :) Just kidding. What's your view? Can I see it??

apprentice - Thanks! I will look it up immediately.

jan - Awww that's so nice of you. I hope we meet one day too - in fact i plan on it!

shameless - yes great grist for the writing mill too!

belle - Hi ya! Going there now to look. :)

tammy - Thanks, you are right. And you're sweet too.

Becky Willis Motew said...

Your home looks lovely and inviting, CB. Indeed I wouldn't want to leave it either. Won't you miss the albatri? I do so love saying that.


Kay Cooke said...

becks - Yes indeed I will miss the albatri - it's such a shame the real plural is so much more prosaic (albatrosses or simply albatross) ... let's change the rules.

Omykiss said...

Sunshine in Dunedin ... wow!!!!

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