Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Warm Plums

The other night on my way home from work, I stopped to take this photo of a freakish fan of sunlight over the harbour and city.

Convolvulus is a twining plant that is rather invasive once it gets a hold. Johnny-Pop-Out-of-Bed is what we used to call it as kids - and we'd squeeze the bottom part of the flower to make Johnny do just that.
Today I picked plums from the tree at the bottom of our driveway.
Tomorrow I plan to make plum sauce.

Grommet, who always has to be in the middle of any action, investigates.
As well as pick plums, I've been painting ... hopefully I will soon be able to post the 'after' pictures.


Di Mackey said...

Oh ohoh, this is lovely and homesick-making but lovely :)

dinzie said...

That convolvulus is a nightare in the garden ...just can't get rid of it ......

Funnily enough our poroporo in the garden is a ver light shade of purple ..almost white ... I feel cheated :O)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love that first photo, the light is amazing in it... I enjoyed the rest of the post too.

leonie.wise said...

those delicious looking plums are making my mouth water.

one thing i don't think i can ever get used to living in London is how far a lot of food has to travel to get here. and fruit (unless i can find locally grown organic stuff) just doesn't taste right. the flavours are bland, i guess that's what happens when things are refrigerated to ship/fly and force ripened.

i would love your plum sauce recipe if you care to share...


Mrs. G. said...

What lovely plums. They remind me of that William Carlos Williams poem "This is just to say..."

Mama Llama said...

Hello, Chief:

I used to think that the rays of sun that would shine through overcast skies like that were escapees from Heaven...

Thank you for evoking that memory.

Be well...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos! I have a plum tree, which has done very well the last couple of years - at present it's bare. Kamsin made plum jam in 2006.

rel said...

One of my favorite times at fall is the gathering the fruits of our labor orthe god given rewards for watching and caring.
I'm also always on the lookout for those surreal shots of the sun's rays dispersed through the uper level moisture...Breath taking.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Great pictures of the harbor and plums and etc. I LOVE coming with you on visits to the harbor, the town, the bird refuge.

We call those Johnny's Morning Glories (not to be confused with REAL morning glories) and they spread like wildfire through the lawn. I always hate to pull them out because they are so pretty and innocent-looking--like dandelions!

Becky Willis Motew said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever actually seen plums growing!!! On a tree no less!!

I feel like such a city slicker. Beautiful pix as always, CB.


apprentice said...

Wow your summer is flying! They look delicious.

i have a lovely philly recipe for plum jam, which involves oranges and currants too, it is better than mincemeat at Xmas.

Kay Cooke said...

di - Sorry (again) for adding to the homesickness ... but we haven't got as many lovely doors and archways as you do ...

dinzie - This dandelion wine. I've never heard of it before ... Are you going to make some so I can sample next time I visit?

crafty green - Thanks! :)

ccm - Sure thing - I will send the recipe to you.

mrs g - My thoughts exactly.

mapi - A great thought ... it does look heavenly, there's no doubt about that.

watermaid - I may even make plum jam as well yet ... Mmmmm

rel - Yes it was here and then gone - luckily I was able to pull over in the car, and that i actually had the camera on me.

pepek - You are so right about the innocence of weeds such as Johnny Pop outa Beds and dandelions.

becky - Thanks Bex. One day you'll have to come on over and i'll show you our plum trees etc etc

apprentice - Summer is flying by - which means spring is beginning to stir your end?
I'd love the recipe for your jam - there's still plenty of plums left.
Do you want the recipe for the sauce at all? I can email it to you.

Endment said...

Light always draws me - these photos are exceptional!
I look out my window at the barren trees and gray skies and am warmed and inspired by your photos of your lovely plums. More inspiration comes from your "before" photos --- our kitchen is in that "before" mode but it may have to wait a bit for the "after" since we discovered we have to completely resurface the walls----
Thanks for sharing your world

Jan said...

Convolvulus...nightmare stuff!
Your snaps are great; I too have an inquisitive cat...once she disappeared into a furniture van and turned up 40 miles away but THAT'S another story.
Good to be in contact with you again CB.

S. Kearney said...

Oohhhhhhhh. Home-made plum jam!! Yum. :-) And good luck with the painting! :-)

Kay Cooke said...

endment - Your spring will come! :)

jan - I'd like to hear that story about your cat one day!

seamus - Thanksalot :)

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