Saturday, 12 January 2008

Sleeping Dogs and Hot Albatrosses

paint splodges on table-top - M's working surface

I go for an early morning walk with my friend A. This morning, even at 8.00 a.m., it was very hot and still. I am due out at work on the headland in a couple of hours and I hate to think what it will be like out there for the albatrosses if the weather is the same out there. Such large birds and with thick, velvety layers of feathers, they will swelter as they sit on their nests unable to leave to go out to sea to cool off - at least not until their mate arrives back in to exchange (which can take up to a week.) It is a pitiful sight to see them sitting there, bills agape, panting like dogs. Luckily the DOC rangers have set up a watering system so that the birds can experience their own private rainfall if things get desperate.

I sat out on our back lawn in the garden seat and had a leisurely breakfast, daydreaming about our trip to Japan in September to see S&E. They are due to have a baby in June. Yes!!! I am going to be a grandmother again. My daughter R is also expecting another baby in June. The due date for both babies is within a week of each other. We are very excited. I will be a grandmother of three. My sister's daughter is also going to have a baby in June - so, my mother will then be a great-grandmother to 8.
It is cheering to dwell on family. In the end, family is what matters most.
The Maori have a saying:
Ki mai ki au, he aha te mea nui o tenei ao Maku e ki atu - he tangata, he tangata, he tangata

If you ask me what is the most important thing in this world I shall reply - it is people, it is people, it is people.

I will always remember going on a trip through Northern Southland with my in-laws, heading for Te Anau, looking at the mountains ahead of us and commenting on their beauty. My m-i-l was not exactly scathing of the mountains, but said that if they were people, she would be more interested. I thought it a strange comment at the time and one I couldn't identify with. However, maybe her point was that people are in the end what are most important. I have to admit, that a lot of the time I prefer mountains myself - at least they don't answer back. But that's just my churlish, anti-social side coming out. Most of the time I manage to keep it under control; letting the sleeping dog lie; but occasionally it wakes up and has a snarl.



Mama Llama said...

Three new great-grandchildren in the family? Two new grandchildren within one week? What blessings, Chief! Congratulations to you and yours!

September is really a spectacular month for visiting Japan.

I enjoyed your proverb that you posted. I may have to steal that from you...

Have a wonderful weekend, Chief! Be well.

KieKay said...

Congratulations! June will be *M-A-G-I-C*

September as well!


January said...

Two little ones in one week? Wow, that's exciting.

Congratulations on the good news!

rel said...

Family and people are what grounds us and makes us different. An eagle can enjoy the mountain, but when her eaglets are grown and gone she will forget them and never know her grand children.
I lived in Yokosuka in the 60's, I envy your trip!

Kay Cooke said...

mapi - You too Mapi.

kiekay - Can't wait.

january - Thanks so much.

rel - So true.

Anonymous said...

I envy you going to Japan in September. As you know my daughter, K, is going back to Japan at the end of March. I doubt if I'll get out there this year. Before she goes, we are both going up to Manchester, which is where my second grandson (they've had a babyscan as did my Taiwanese daughter-in-law) will be born in mid-February. That will be a boy each for my two sons. It's sort of full circle that G's partner is a northern lass as that is where I grew up.

Congratulations to you and your Mum!

kj said...

i wish i were going to japan in sept! double congratulations to you, chief.

your words about family are so wise. my little family includes 'friends as family'. what could be more important than loving and being loved back?

and yet, i admire (and envy) your comfort with solitude. i tend to feel lost with it, even though i crave it sometimes....


mareymercy said...

Congrats, granny!!

And the Maori saying is beautiful.

Tammy Brierly said...

How exciting with babies and a trip to Japan. Congrats!

I'm more a mountain person as I get older. ;)


Becky Willis Motew said...

Oh, it's so true, CB. People, people, people make everything important. Hope the heat abates for the poor albatrosses (albatri?). You look like a poetess for sure in your new pic.


Kay Cooke said...

watermaid - Family is the greatest. (Maybe we will be able to call in to see Kamsin while we're over there?)

kj - Sometimes I crave solitude more than I should ... :) Or more than is good for me ...

twitches - Thanks. It is a profound saying isn't it?

tammy - Yes, I know what you mean! :)

becky - Thanks for the compliment. The albatrosses were revelling in rain & wind today, so no wonder they like it here. They can rely on strong wind and cool temps. (darn it all!)

S. Kearney said...

Wow re the new arrivals! Congratulations. And I love this little reflection on mountains and people. :-)

Harvey Molloy said...

Congratulations--and thanks for the saying. It's a good one.

paris parfait said...

Such an exciting prospect of more grandchildren! As for those poor albatrosses (again), I'd never given any thought to them sweltering. It's nice that your park service has sorted out a watering system. And I think the Maori are right - although I agree, sometimes mountains are preferable to family! :)

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