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Monday, 26 November 2007

Interview Across the Water

The lovely Clare Dudman, a British writer of two fine novels, '98 Reasons for Being' and 'One Day the Ice Will Reveal All Its Dead' (I've read both novels and highly recommend them) has posted up an on-line interview I did for her.
Go here to read it.


Shameless said...

A brilliant itv, CB! It was such a joy to read. Well done. :-)

puresunshine said...

Nice read! Passing it on! :) Thanks for the link CB!

Mrs. G. said...

Adding her to my list. Thanks for the heads up.

Catherine said...

Thanks Kay, I really enjoyed the interview

harvey molloy said...

She's on the 'must read list.' Cheers.

chiefbiscuit said...

shameless- You are so sweet!

puresunshine - Thank you so much.

mrs g - She's a great writer.

catherine - Thanks :)

harvey - I know you'll enjoy Clare's books.


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