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Monday, 19 November 2007


Okay, I admit it. I am tired of blogging. Nineteen days straight - whew!

After this month I have decided I will take some time off blogging to do the Christmas thing and to paint the room I write in.
Every woman needs a room to herself, wasn't it Virginia Woolf who said that? For the first time in my life I have a writing room.
It needs a bed to be taken out and it needs to be painted. It needs light (I think white paint will have to do as we can't afford to put in a skylight.) It needs a large book-shelf and a large desk (and a colourful rug.) It needs new curtains (or venetians, or blinds - I've yet to decide ...)

It is S's birthday today. Happy Birthday son! He is in Kyoto, Japan and loving it there. He and E (his fiancee) have found a new flat to move into together. He and I spoke by Skype today. He showed me the ring E gave him for a birthday present. It was looking real good. And he was wearing the hoody we sent over for him. It's starting to get cold over there.
Meanwhile here, it is warm and sunny.
A real corker day as my mum would say.


Rethabile said...

Yes, V. Woolf said that. I'm glad you've got a writing room. And happy for S & E's happiness.

Catherine said...

Sounds like good news all round. We'll miss you, though, if you take time off blogging. Don't be away too long, OK?

chiefbiscuit said...

rethabile - I thought I'd spelt Woolf's name wrong - corrected now!
Thanks for your warm thoughts.

catherine - I think I'll just take December off. Maybe a bit of January. Altho' it might not be as long as I think before I'm missing everyone too much. But if I use the time to do up the room, then the blogging will be my reward.

Marie said...

I wondered about that November blogging challenge and thought that I could never write like that - on demand so to speak. I'm amazed that you've managed so well.

I take enforced blogging breaks every summer because we have no internet on the boat. I think a break can do the soul a lot of good.

Putting that time to creating a space for yourself sounds like a perfect way to spend your time. But I echo the others - don't be a stranger :)

Mrs. G. said...

Yes, this daily thing can be a bit wearing can't it.

A pretty white room sounds delightful. I am in the process of turning our laundry room into a creative space. I'm hoping the lull of the dryer will not put me to sleep.

Happy birthday to your son. Is this the same son who is engaged? How many sons are there? Any daughters?

Have a great day.

Cam said...

19 days is wearisome! Several times during this challenge I've thought 'just make it to Thanksgiving and it will be almost over'. And then I realize that Thanksgiving Day is early this year and there are 8 more days of the month following.

I will miss your blog in Dec/Jan and look forward to your return.

chiefbiscuit said...

marie - Yes I think a break is a good idea. But I daresay my curiosity will get the better of me and I'll be taking peeps at everyone's blog every so often.

mrs g - At least we can encourage one another :)
Yes S is the son who got engaged.
We have three sons and I have a daughter, and a granddaughter, as well. It's great!

cam - Thanks so much - let's keep each other on task! :)

Shameless said...

Yep, not even I could go 19 days in a row! :-) And what a good idea to do up your writing room ... a very important space! :-) And isn't Skype wonderful! I use it to talk to my sister and my mum in NZ. Mum even spins the camera round to show me stuff in her house. Wonderful. And cheap. THe sound quality seems to be so much better than MSN, which we used before.

pepektheassassin said...

Aha! My second son went to a summer quarter of law school in Kyoto, and loved it there. He traveled to school every day by train from Kobe. Have you seen a picture of your new daughter-in-law-to-be?

A room of your own. A room with a view. I am happy for you.

And, Happy Birthday to son S!

pepektheassassin said...

OK, I guess Skype is a sort of
webcam thingy, right? We have one of those!

chiefbiscuit said...

pepek - Yep, we have talked to, and seen, E thru Skype - which is web cam phone-line on the computer - what's more it's free! Can't wait to meet E. One day in the not too distant future we hope.


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