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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Head North

The walk after work and before tea seems to work out quite well. Tonight there was a definite frosty sting in the air.

These fellows took my attention with their red beaks and legs. You'd swear they knew I was taking their photo, they look so damn coy.

I continue to struggle to write anything of substance. Even a poem seems to be beyond my capabilities right now. At least I can read. I'm still reading the 'Bedside Book of Birds'. As well a bit of Denise Levertov, and just for contrast, Bosworth writing about Johnston. I eagerly await the book of collected poems by Amy Clampitt that I ordered from Amazon.

Every morning on my way to work I come to a crossroads. To the right is the way to work, to the left is the road out of the city. Every morning I am tempted to just go left. Flee town and head north. Every day I am walking proof that temptation can be overcome.


david santos said...

I come to be thankful to you for the work that you have developed in yours blogue and to desire good vacations to you.

Avus said...

Why don't you just follow your heart one day (out of the city) and see what the day brings?

wendy said...

I feel that tug constantly. I will always be restless by nature I suppose.

Your eariler post on the preschoolers made me sigh. I don't think I could do preschoolers...still to many tantrums. I like them when they start to really string thoughts together...

I disn't go back to work this have more time with the horses, and girls..and I miss those kids and the honest things they say.

But kicking and scratching are just NAUGHTY!

I envy your ability to knit...

Katherine said...

fantastic pics chief. They keep getting better.

dinzie said...

I'm struggling to write anything ...In Auckland tomorrow ...Sums it all up really ...

Carole said...

I can sympathize with your desire to walk away from work. I did so just over a month ago and am now in permanent retirement. Kamsin says, 'I'll wait to see when you get bored'! I don't think I will as there are always things that I want to do and I now have more time to write.

beckymotew said...

Those birds are posing without a doubt. I used to envy my cat when I'd leave into the slush and snow and she was just settling in on the windowsill for a comfy day of dozing.

Your photos are so good, CB


pepektheassassin said...

Oh, to feel a frosty sting in the air!

I worked in a library for 18 years and loved it all...something about being surrounded by all those words, all that music, poetry, science, mysteries,the color of the picture books, the places in the travel books...all of it. Well, you know.

apprentice said...

Sorry the words aren't flowing, maybe they're just in gestation!

Can sympathise on the road to work thing, I used to have a Thelma and Louise moment every day on my commute to work.

January said...

I think the words are taking a much-neede break. I'm sure they will return soon!

chiefbiscuit said...

david - Thanks.

avus - So tempting ... but it's a day's pay docked and it's a case of not meeting work obligations - I'm too much of a miser and too much of a goody-good I expect.

wendy - All thoughts that echo my own.(Altho my family has grown up now, and left home, I value the choice I made to only ever work part time and to be there for them.)

katherine - Why thank you kindly!

dinzie - Does really. But just think - soon you'll be on Holiday - yay!

carole - I know that day will come for me too. Can't wait. Enjoy your retirement - I know you won't get bored, your mind is too active.

becky - Thanks. Oh yes - the life of a cat ... it's gotta be a pretty good one.

pepek - I'd love a library job ... sigh.

apprentice - A library job that entails a bit of a road trip every so often would just be the ticket I think ;)

january - Thanks. That's so wise & so true. I mustn't panic, but just use the time to catch up on reading. And I will do that.


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