Monday, 21 May 2007

Venus Above Vauxhall

Tonight after getting home from work, every cell in my body screamed WALK!!! even though it was just getting on dark. (Actually that's the best time to go for a walk imho.) The moon was the shape of the horns of a bull, and if this photo was larger, you'd be able to spot Venus, diagonally down to the left. (I promise you, it's there.)

In the distance, the lights of Vauxhall and homeward-bound traffic sounding like wind through pines.

A jogger trotted past, his feet on the gravel path sounding just like a chuffing train.


Among other creative pursuits, Carmen from the blog '327 Market Street' makes postcards. She sent me this excellent example. She is thinking of coming over to my place for a visit. I hope she does!

And Anne from the blog 'Cat Politics' sent me this beautiful book - I have only managed to get to page one, and already regret ever having accepted full-time work, because since doing that I just haven't had the time to read it. I have promised myself to do so this weekend.



dinzie said...

Welcome back to the world of the tired :O)

We apparently have the sames jobs ...I look after a bunch of preschoolers too !! just don't tell them that ......

apprentice said...

Lovely pictures and treasures.
I keep eeling guilty that my long days are at the expense of your short ones. And the moon was like bull's horns last night, I noticed it as I closed up the greenhouse.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hey! We had the SAME moon and the SAME Venus over here! Isn't that AMAZING???

Tammy Brierly said...

I've been catching up and enjoying your photography. The cat paw clouds and your mom were my favorites :) XXOO

Carmen said...

wow, the postcard made it. Hooray for the post office! Your "not a kiwi" made it here!

Kay Cooke said...

dinzie - Yeah, I bet that's too true.

apprentice - Well we'll get our turn (and no doubt it will seem like in no time at all.)

pepek - It's rather a nice thought isn't it???

tammy - Thanks Tams. :)

camille - I was wondering where the lost not-a-kiwi got to! (Posted the same day in the same mailbox ... so I can't figure that one out.)

Becky Willis Motew said...

Venus Over Vauxhall is a good book title, I'd say.

I don't think I'd ever have the energy after work to do anything more than lift a glass of wine, so good going on the walk!!

Of course I am Living the Dream right now.


paris parfait said...

I love these photos, especially the first and the third. And that postcard is striking.

January said...

Beautiful photos, and the postcard is lovely.

Unknown said...

Been a while CB - like you I was working fulltime and hadn't much time at all! Firstly - i love these photo walks accompanied by your short comments!

Secondly congrats on getting a second collection published - maybe we can exchange? I like the title 'made for weather' :)

Thirdly, go easy on the work - i don't know how you do it - kids full time? Aggghhh!

herhimnbryn said...

Walking in the dark, postcards and books. Sounds good to me.

Di Mackey said...

Beautiful photographs, lovely post :)

Catherine said...

I didn't know there was a suburb of Dunedin called Vauxhall. You are obviously enjoying your camera. The bulls horn moon was shining through a thin layer of cloud here, almost as if the cloud had caught on its horns.

kj said...

hi chief. just stopping by to say hello. your photos and words are always delightful.

Jan said...

I know JUST what you mean re wanting a walk!
Sometimes, when it's too wet to go out, I run up/down stairs many times....I often wonder WHAT the neighbours think I'm up to!!

Anonymous said...

Like tammy, I've been catching up. Wonderful pictures, CB. You really have an eye for these things. Those evening ones are really atmospheric.

Kay Cooke said...

becky - You're right - I'll keep that one in mind ;)

pp - Thanks so much.

january - Thanks to you too.

cailleach - Good idea. I will go easy. (I must get to bed now - it's after midnight what am I thinking?)

herhimnbryn - Thanks :)

ww - thanks :)

catherine - Yes it's a funny name. I like using it when I can!

kj - Thanks :)

jan - yes LOVE walking!

clare - Thanks :)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Your book came in the mail last week! (Missing only an autograph!)

Way cool, Chief! Fine book!

Kay Cooke said...

pepek - Oh thank you so much - I wish I was closer and could visit and sign your book. (virtual signature coming your way!)

kj said...

chief, i love hearing about your friendship born of the blogs. you may know i have found a best friend in life from blogging. getting to know and care about someone first from the inside out--and through their words.

so glad it was so enjoyable.

your photos are fun to look at!

and i'd love to hear about your book....


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