Sunday, 20 May 2007



The last of autumn's ember-glow from the silver birches.

Seagulls hanging out at the inlet.

Seagulls, it seems to me, have a knack for making the most of the day.


Work-wise, I am back at the early childcare centre where I have worked off and on, part-time, for the last five years. This time however, I have a full-time position. I enjoy working with children. I like the unexpected things they say, like 'thirty o'clock' and 'I giv'd it back.'

Life on the other side of the coin - the side where you're at work for eight hours of the day every day of the week - is certainly different. There is a kind of a weary element; a 'welcome to the real world' aspect. Time-wise, I've noticed the squeeze. Especially on the time I've now got left in which to write. However, I'm sure my first pay packet will make it all worth it!


If I look hard enough, there are still some flowers to be found in the garden as it slowly retracts for the winter.

The sky too was looking very fine today. I liked these curly, cat-paw clouds.


This morning ABM and myself made a quick trip out to the airport to see my mother off back to the North Island. She's had a good three weeks down here catching up with the South Island members of her family.

No nervous Nana this. She had a window seat and was looking forward to her flight, even though from where we were all sitting having our coffee, we could see the plane on the runway wasn't a large one. Over the last thirty years Mum's flown many times to visit family, and so has got to know that a smaller plane flies lower in the sky, giving great views. Today's conditions were clear, and the view over the South Island would be splendid. She wasn't even going to be put off by my sister-in-law H calling the plane an egg beater.



Katherine Dolan said...

Wow, that sky shot is amazing! I love the flower close-ups too.

I know what you mean about the weary working-week feeling. BTW, I hope you are taking notes on kidspeak.

Becky Willis Motew said...

Your mother looks charming, CB, and I'll bet she's a good partner for a cuppa.

And you're right. Seagulls have a good life. They're together gossiping most of the time, they can fly, they see everything, and seem to get plenty of junk food. What could be better?

Unknown said...

When prompting her child to tell us they had been to France on holiday, the three-year-old looked at me and said, racking his brains for the answer, 'F,f,f,f,f....Far Away!'

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I could Hear the seagulls, and SMELL the flowers, and FEEL the sweet air. A really good post! Great pictures!

Emily said...

Beautiful photographs...absolutely lovely.

rel said...

Your photography skills are more evident with every post.
So you've noticed how the job world puts a hurtin' on the time available to write? Last week was a prime example for me. We were so busy that I barely had time to fit meals in, let alone blog.
The paycheck is some consolation. ;-)

Kay Cooke said...

katherine - Yes I will certainly be using the kidspeak for ideas.

becks - My mum's a 'good sort' as they say over here. (And a good sport too! Same thing really I guess.)
I wanna be a seagull!!!

minx - I like that! Kids eh!

pepek - Thanks - that makes it all worth it! :)

emily - Thank you so much :)

remiman - Oh boy am I ever looking forward to that pay cheque!!!! (Well .... automatic payment actually.)

paris parfait said...

Absolutely stunning photos and beautiful glimpse of your mother.

Kay Cooke said...

pp - Thanks!

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