Friday, 11 May 2007

Full Frontal Lobes

The random quote I picked up from Poetry Thursday was 'mirror'. I have chosen a poem that uses that word from my second collection, due to be published in July.

(Apologies to those of you who have read this poem before - yes, you're right, this is the second time I've put it on my blog.)

‘my little grasshopper plane cannot fly very high’*

We listen to music from records that smell of warm tar,
opening the windows wide to let the sound through.
And despite the dark-green pine
and the orange-tiled roof of the house
against the hill, there are darker things
to consider in these wobbling, afternoon hours:

an imminent death, how chancy our lives,
last night’s dream. I tip my head right back
like a child drinking rain
and see at once how blue and terrible
a sky without clouds. How blank, like a mirror
that refuses to show me my face

and leaving me without the benefit of borders
or wings. You turn the record over
to play side two. I tell you about the dream
last night of my father, dead now
thirty-seven years and how I heard him
say, “See how right you were to trust me?”

*title of a song by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 on the album 'Stillness'.


The other day in the mail were the proofs for my second collection, 'made for weather'. M told me what he's painting for the cover. This book is now a reality!

Meanwhile ideas for the next collection continue to swirl (a little like the leaves M is going to include in the book cover.) Now begins the hard graft of shaping these ideas into hard-won poems.

Lately my prose writing has reverted to quickly recording daily events and quirky incidents - like the teenager on the bus the other day I heard say, "He used to be bi-sexual, but now he's stopped."
(Of course this could as easily become a poem as a prose piece.)
Riding on a bus chock-full of yelling high school kids is, yes, shall we say ... an interesting time? I did make a mental note though, not to catch the 3.15 bus again. It could be classed as a fascinating experience, however, terrifying would also qualify. I don't know that I particularly need to hear the yowling, unsettling things
about parents and peers that sally forth sparking hot off the press from disengaged, under-developed frontal lobes. Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac and the rest of the beat poets? I tell you, these kids have nothing on them!
Of course I half-jest. This is me being sardonic people! Teenagers are cute. Their energy and zest inspirational. Refreshing. (Of course I have to say that. I have a granddaughter heading that way fast. Oh dear.)


herhimnbryn said...

Congratulations on the new book chief.

McDinzie said...

teenagers!!! only one more month to the day and dear darling daughter will no longer be on...yipeeeeee are aware arn't you how much you look like mum in that photo you have on the right of your blog?!?!?!? I was extremely frightened when I saw it pop up on my was that look of ......well of mum!!!!!

McDinzie said...

congrats on the book too by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous poem. Loved that bit about the sky being a mirror.

Tammy Brierly said...

Congrats on your new book CB! I've never read this one before and I loved it. XXOO

carole said...

I found the idea of a cloudless sky in which you are unable to see your face quirky and I like quirky. Not so sure about the new avatar though. I'm of an age that hated Fifties fashions. Put another way, I'm old enough to remember the Fifties.

Catherine said...

I love the bit about the sky being a mirror that refuses to show your face. I seem to be watching the sky a lot lately, I prefer it with clouds. Looking forward to the new book.

Kay Cooke said...

herhimnbryn - Thanks so much.

mcd - Oh yes but yr dd daughter was always 10 going on 20 wasn't she?
And yes I was fully aware of the likeness to dear mother - that is why it won't be there for long. I plan to change it in a wee while. But for now will let the image stew for a bit! ;)

clare - Thank you! :) I love the word gorgeous.

tammy - Thanks - as always your encouragement is boundless.

carole - Thanks - I like the odd quirk too!
And that is what the avatar is to me - quirky! However, it won't be there for much longer ... just a bit of fun. (It reminds me too much of my mother! Even tho' I love her very much ... I don't particularly want to look like her!)

catherine - I love to sky watch - and your Canterbury skies are especially beautiful.

McDinzie said...

and I would just like to add....did you find those close in your wardrobe!!!!! Your beginning to really scare me :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Congratulations on the book. I prefer a sky with clouds too!

apprentice said...

I like the child drinking rain image. I like clear blue skies, they are preferable to the grey lumpen sky outside my window today.
It's like a mirror where the damp has got into the sbetween the back and silvering.

I look forward to your new book.

64BakerSt said...

Congratulations on the new book! That must be a wonderful feeling!

I like your 50's glasses. I wonder how long before they are back in style? ;)

Kay Cooke said...

McD - Settle petal! The glasses I last wore when I was twelve years old ... the pearls are Nana's ... the scarf an old thing ... Feel better?

cgp - Thanks. Yes, adds character.

apprentice - Thanks. And what a great description of your sky!

baker street - I might start a trend!

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