Friday, 4 May 2007

Fable and Fact

Peter Pan statue in the Dunedin Botanical Gardens.

And if you know the story of Peter Pan, you know that this is the Darling family's Newfoundland called Nana. Note how over the years her nose has been rubbed shiny by thousands, maybe millions, of hands.

These industrious fellows are holding fable-creatures shaped like some sort of dragon-fish whose spurting mouths form part of the fountain.

A rather wonky box-thorn maze of which I am very fond. It has a casual, meandering air about it. Maybe because it hasn't been clipped to within an inch of its life.

This was my only successful aviary shot. I was pleased that I managed to catch something of the characteristic parrot-y gleam in his eye. There is something compelling about the knowing glint in the eye of a parrot.
And there's something too about a tree. A stillness that belies the fact that there is a gurgling, bubbling factory inside each one.

(These photos I took while waiting for the call from son C to say the first of his two bothersome wisdom teeth had been removed, and he was now ready to be picked up. This is the son with the broken ankle. He is a bit of a wreck at the moment, however despite the discomfort of ankle and teeth, he manages to remain patient and cheerful.)


Katherine Dolan said...

Yay! This takes me right back to the DBG, only it looks even prettier in these photos. The statue shots are wonderful.

I agree about the parrot-glint.

wendy said...

Oh no for C...he is a bit of a wreck..huh...When it rains it pours!

I have such a fondness for Peter Pan...

By the the new persona!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - this looks such an interesting place...and I love that bit about the tree. Also very keen on the word Dunedin. I wonder where it comes from. It sounds Gaelic to me.

kj said...

i LOVE that statue of peter pan. it jsut made me break into a wide smile. i LOVED it!

your shots are great, chief. what fun.

ps hope all is well with you!

kj said...

ps. love your new avatar too.

herhimnbryn said...

I want to stroke that maze!

January said...

Great photos--I like the maze garden. And your new photo is fabu!

Hope C is feeling better.

Kay Cooke said...

Katherine - Thanks! I was lucky to have the setting sun shining right into their faces. It's a lovely little park isn't it? Glad you enjoyed your virtual re-visit.

wendy - Glad you like the persona - it's my alter ego!

clare - Yes, you're quite right - Dunedin is the Gaelic word for Edinburgh!

kj - It's a fav of mine too.

herhimnbryn - Yes it's verrrry tactile.

january - Thanks - the maze is amazing - crunch! Sorry! ;)
Thanks fo rthe votes of confidence!

Anonymous said...

you have a gift for taking photographs.

I feel that I'm there.

Thank you! :)

rel said...

Delightful and picuresque photos. Peter is my fav. Must be the childhood thingy.
Sorry about C's woes. Fortunately he has youth to speed his recovery.

Anonymous said...

I found you through Paris Parfait. What a gem your blog is.
I love the photography. And the wedding is wonderful.
I hope you stop by Robin Sherwood frecklefarm and say hello.

Kay Cooke said...

michelle - thanks - you're a honey.

rel - Yes exactly - he's certainly made a swift recovery from the wisdom tooth extraction.

robin - thanks for dropping by and your kind comments - will certainly repay the visit.

Becky Willis Motew said...

I love the parrot inspecting its nails. Polish to match its feathers would be difficult. Such a subtle shade of pink.

Lovely photos, CB.

We're greedy. We want more.


Kay Cooke said...

becky - That is just what it looks like isn't it?

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