Friday, 27 April 2007

Yay! One Photo.

My lovely sister in law has just sent me this photo.
I hope to have more as well ... but this is great to have for a start.
Click on the image to get a real close close-up (a little too close for my comfort - don't count my wrinkles!) It will also ensure you get a better impression of the splash of paint M added to his suit - and the safety pins.


wendy said...

I love what he did to that suit! What a wonderful wedding... big congrats and blessings to both of them.

Katherine Dolan said...

Handsome family! You look beautiful.

McDinzie said...

oh so beautiful...I so look forward to more

dinzie said...

The painted suite looks surprisingly Cool :O)

And I finally get to see your 3rd son :O)

Nice picture .>Glad you all had a great day :O)

S. Kearney said...

Wonderful. And the view behind is just as I imagined! :) And the splash of colour on the suit is inspired. Everyone will be doing it now! :)

Tammy Brierly said...

CB, the bride looked like an angel. I loved the paint on the black suit and didn't think I would. You and hubby are a handsome pair. You made great looking babies you two ;)

apprentice said...

You all look splendid, and what a spot for a photo.

Congrats to everyonr, hope it was a wonderful day to treasure.

carole said...

Lovely picture. You look great and so do the rest of them. I've missed reading your blog whilst you've been busy with the wedding.

Becky Willis Motew said...

OMG, this is such a wonderful photograph. Are those your three handsome sons? Your heart must stop looking at them, CB.

And you, my dear, look ravishing. I love the way your husband's arm is around you.

You are one lucky woman. And the bride is beautiful. I think I'm crying. I do at weddings.


herhimnbryn said...


paris parfait said...

Such a beautifully-photogenic family! Thanks for posting this.

Kay Cooke said...

wendy - Thanks.

katherine - Aw ... ta.

mcd - There's more!

dinzie - I didn't realise you hadn't met C yet. I was surprisingly impressed by the painted suit too.

shameless - He's an artist - what could I expect?

tammy - Thanks for the compliments. Makes me feel all wobbly inside!

apprentice - Thanks so much. It truly was.

carole - Thanks - nice to be missed.

becky - I do feel lucky - and yes, weddings make me cry too. But especially this one.

herhimnbryn - Thanks ;)

pp - Thanks so much.

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