Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Concrete Dinosaur

I wasn't called up for work again today. A good thing as it turned out to be a perfect autumn day. I reminded myself of why autumn is my favourite season. Maybe it has something to do with the lingering aftertaste of summer in its soft light. Life seems to slow down a little as the sure promise of winter's cold stillness ahead is signalled. There is still enough light and warmth around to enjoy, without the taxing brittleness of summer or the boundless energy of spring. (I like it too because mcdinzie and dinzie take photos of dahlias.)

Of course the draw of a walk to St Kilda at low tide was too much.

Two examples of why Dunedin beaches are popular with surfers.

And this is why the St Kilda playground (popularly known as 'The Dinosaur Playground') is so popular with children, and has been for several generations now.

Unfortunately I couldn't spend the whole day playing with concrete dinosaurs. There was a poem to be written!



My father tried to explain perpetual motion
pointing to a bike wheel as it still spun
minutes after the rider had dumped it.

Later I discovered for myself
the suspended animation of fleas
and the perennial nature of wallflowers

as opposed to marigolds. Everyday occurrences
came later, such as vans that deliver clean towels
to hotels, and abandoned cars on front lawns.



Catherine said...

I think I'm going to enjoy NaPoWriMo, because a poem a day gives a real sense of the flavour of a writer's work. Yours are full of wonderful concrete details.

rel said...

The depth and richness of your photos is captivating.
The car in the yard is humanistic. :-(

As I read (reed) "explanations", I'm reminded of my children when they were young and eager to learn...why dad, but why dad, yes but why. ;-)

Autumn is my favorite seasonalso.

carole said...

You are a great observer CB and the addition of a camera has added richness to your work. I'm enjoying NaPoWriMo (now I know what it is!).

McDinzie said...

ok I can offically say that the camera is now yours...I admit to a touch of ...."my camera" feeling when I first posted it off....but after seeing what you can capture and how well you do is your camera from now on.

Right I want to see a macro from your camera, from your eye....can't wait to see the outcome.

by the way SAE is doing fine...she is a good patient and I am a good nurse maid :)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

wonderful to have the day off the humdrum of work and do something creative - divine photos and poem.

Avus said...

Pleasant, "quirky" poem, Chief. the last two lines made me smile.
(And isn't it fun playing with a new camera)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Chief, I love the poem, and the pictures, too. I like to look at your clock to see what time it is there. I like to imagine how can it be nearing autumn there when it is spring here. (What is a tractor doing on the beach?).

I dreamed about you again last night. We were chatting away, you were sitting there eating a jar of sweet and sour chinese chicken, and speaking with an English accent like an Aussie, sort of like Simon Cowell...I don't know why you were eating chicken out of a jar.

But you are welcome to visit, anytime! :D

apprentice said...

Like the poem, and the photos. The car one would make a great B&W shot
Autumn is a super time too shoot pix as the light is less harsh.
Those beaches are gorgeous.

sonia a. mascaro said...

I found your blog through Secret Hill and I am glad I did! Beautiful the photos of Dunedin beaches!

Becky Willis Motew said...

I so love the abandoned car, CB.

We must think of when it was new, shouldn't we?


S. Kearney said...

That old car seems familiar to me ... lots of them abandoned beside NZ houses, like we can't quite ever get rid of things? Nice poem and pics. I'm glad you have a camera now! :)

Jan said...

You are a talented lady, CB.
Your photos echo your poetry and vice versa.
Have you always written such thoughtful and perceptive stuff or do you feel it's developed over the years?

wendy said...

muWallflowers and marigolds.

A language we both speak well.

Bravo,a quiet little gem..

Kay Cooke said...

catherine - Same!

rel - Thanks Kids and questions make us re-think don't you agree?

carole - Thanks - glad you have been enlightened to NaPoWriMo! :)

mcd - Glad to hear about SAE. Thanks for officially letting go of camera! :) Will give macro a go when we are away ... you'll have to wait a week or so now.

rebeca - Thanks. Hopefully your appetite is a little more whettened now for your Dunedin visit.

avus - I have had such fun ... :)

pepek - You are a hoot! Those dreams ... Well. We went out for a Japanese meal last night ... but no chicken in a jar. I wish I could remember the visit! I should've taken photos.

The tractor on the beach has a boat trailer on the back, so it's there for boat launching purposes.

apprentice - I knew there was another reason I liked autumn!

sonia - Thanks for visiting - do drop by again.

becky - Yes ... I have seen that model new (I think)

shameless - Thanks. The cars on lawns thing sure is iconic - a good or a bad thing, I'm not sure.

jan- Definitely worked on - altho I look at poems written way way way back - and I mean way back - and the voice was definitely present (altho' fainter, and without the craft.)

wendy - Thanks - yes ... wallflowers and marigolds - homespun and earthy. Is that us? I think we may both have a little more as well! ;)

kj said...

wow chief, you're into autumn as spring unfolds for me. it's a small world and yet....

i love your photos. you live in a beautiful place. your poem is great--this is my favorite line:

perennial nature of wallflowers

as opposed to marigolds

there's nothing like writing, huh...


Anonymous said...

Perfect picture with your poem! Your other pictures make me want to fly down for a long visit to St. Kilda to experience autumn.

Enjoy your weekend!

herhimnbryn said...

A great post CB. The sea images may well inspire a mosaic!

Kamsin said...

How much fun does the dinosaur playground look?!

Di Mackey said...

A big sigh and a 'yum!' ... it was lovely to find home over here.

Anonymous said...

I wish it were autumn here. It's in the 80s this week, and won't even be this cool again until October.

Also, my college roommate studied in Dunedin for a semester. Since then I've always wanted to visit. Beautiful pictures and poem!

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